[TXT & EN- PLAYGROUND] Episode 1

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  • Lois Cordova
    Lois Cordova14 jam yang lalu

    I hope they would make a playground like this with all bighit labels like bts gfriend txt enhypen seventeen nuest that will be fun

  • Yessy Shafitri
    Yessy Shafitri17 jam yang lalu

    they are so cute>

  • Lahabati Reang Reang
    Lahabati Reang Reang19 jam yang lalu

    Yeonjun Dance Master 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Fizza Noor
    Fizza NoorHari Yang lalu

    I don't want to much but just bts txt and enhyphen together being chaotic😂😂

  • John Michael Andrey Solis
    John Michael Andrey SolisHari Yang lalu

    They ask we why Yeonjun is my bias in TXT Me: Just watch this

  • John Michael Andrey Solis

    John Michael Andrey Solis

    Hari Yang lalu

    Then there is Beomgyu and Soobin wrecking me

  • John Michael Andrey Solis
    John Michael Andrey SolisHari Yang lalu

    Jakehoon moment in I-Land where they point each other ❤

  • Christopher Morante
    Christopher MoranteHari Yang lalu

    collab bts txt enhypen its so owshii

  • Who broke it?
    Who broke it?Hari Yang lalu

    19:32 Soobin looks very depressed 😆

  • nurul ubaidah
    nurul ubaidahHari Yang lalu

    21:11 pls i can't stop laughing! Heeseung looks like he was this )( close to strangling Beomgyu

  • Deep Moon
    Deep MoonHari Yang lalu

    Wait.. it's the first time of me watching them but, sunghoon, isn't he the boy with ice skating? He rlly said he's horrible at art like my godness seriously ice skating is also ✨ art ✨

  • Chanel Coco
    Chanel CocoHari Yang lalu


  • Mic
    MicHari Yang lalu

    Hahaha, this was a great episode! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  • Abhipreeti Acharjee
    Abhipreeti Acharjee2 hari yang lalu

    I think bighit trying them to be look like ikon and winner From yg😁😁.....

  • Angelica Marie Chavez
    Angelica Marie Chavez2 hari yang lalu

    This is soooo funny!!! They all look soooo cute!!!

  • Angelica Marie Chavez

    Angelica Marie Chavez

    2 hari yang lalu

    28:23 for sure BTS hyungs would be stressed with this acronym game 🤣 The youngsters were sooooo good at this!

  • Sofia Osorio
    Sofia Osorio2 hari yang lalu

    - Tae(Tē) - Tesla - Hyun - Hyundai

  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park2 hari yang lalu

    My babies are so cute I watch this like many times I Iove how all idols get along with each other it makes my day txt and enphyen fighting

    KARMA K YONGZOM2 hari yang lalu

    I laughed my ass out when they cut off beomgyu 40:34

  • sʜᴜᴛ ᴜᴘ
    sʜᴜᴛ ᴜᴘ2 hari yang lalu


  • tine ney ney
    tine ney ney2 hari yang lalu

    now we need BTSVT !!!

  • Full Sun
    Full Sun2 hari yang lalu

    Not me getting Renjun flashbacks in the ost trivia part✋😔

  • Lilsthetic
    Lilsthetic2 hari yang lalu

    My Bias both are oldest in each group👌

  • [AP-STUDENT] Ashley Gayle Sacop
    [AP-STUDENT] Ashley Gayle Sacop3 hari yang lalu

    QMDJKBDHCH y'all can tell there's still a hint of pressure and awkwardness since they're still newbies. Can't wait to finally see their full potential omfg they'll be successful af.

    S4MA*ARMY3 hari yang lalu

    The only thing I regret about stanning bighit is not stanning them earlier ಥ‿ಥ

  • jesus
    jesus3 hari yang lalu

    No entendi un choto

  • KIM YN
    KIM YN3 hari yang lalu

    Don't mind me I'm just leaving something XD 16:56 19:00 20:03 20:38 21:29 25:32 30:30 31:56 37:51 38:39

  • Dynamic Puppeteer
    Dynamic Puppeteer3 hari yang lalu

    We need more Gybe Labels group content. Maybe Seventeen with Enhyphen and BTS with TXT. Or all the groups together singing. Just more content, please, after the COVID situation improves.

    EXO CANDLE3 hari yang lalu

    EN & TXT

  • 바삭한 젤리
    바삭한 젤리3 hari yang lalu

    21:09 희승이 범규 쳐다보는 눈빛

  • Rain
    Rain4 hari yang lalu

    I can feel the awkwardness Imao

  • Estef in hꫀᥣᥣ
    Estef in hꫀᥣᥣ4 hari yang lalu

    If TXT are clowns with Enhypen they are the entire circus 🤡😂💞

  • najiihah
    najiihah4 hari yang lalu

    yeah and if they combine bts and svt, this place would expl0de AHAHAHAH

  • mellodiq
    mellodiq4 hari yang lalu


  • Red Hiding Hood
    Red Hiding Hood4 hari yang lalu

    Taehyun and Beomgyu are such good hosts together they're so fun

  • Jenelyn Epic
    Jenelyn Epic4 hari yang lalu

    Sunoo's cheeks were the one I'll probably miss when he grow up...😭😭

  • MOA
    MOA4 hari yang lalu

    I actually wanna see TxT with ENHYPEN and BTS 🥺💙

    RANDOM POTATO4 hari yang lalu

    No one: beomgyu be like: I am getting this no matter what* making up excuses

    RANDOM POTATO4 hari yang lalu

    Conclusion: sunoo is a cuteee

  • Atsumints
    Atsumints4 hari yang lalu

    Soobin: *doing his weird dance* ENHYPEN: "wah soo cool!" 😭😂

  • chaos chapter
    chaos chapter4 hari yang lalu


  • god why?
    god why?5 hari yang lalu

    Soobs looks like a old man trying to fit in lmao

  • ida syndergaard
    ida syndergaard5 hari yang lalu

    im gonna say this. & i might not only say it once. beomgyu was LITERALLY made for variety shows. he's the king of each n every episode

  • Acee jagiyaa
    Acee jagiyaa5 hari yang lalu

    24:15 I can't stop repeating the of them look cuuuteeee

  • rhythm s
    rhythm s6 hari yang lalu

    I love you guys😭

  • Mikay Gutz
    Mikay Gutz6 hari yang lalu

    Sunoo is my first bias in en-, and watching this gave me more reason to stan him harder. Heʼs so fvckn cute and adorable :"((

  • Mikay Gutz
    Mikay Gutz6 hari yang lalu

    First time watching this and theyʼre all crackheads esp Beomgyu 😁

  • Marian Quintero
    Marian Quintero6 hari yang lalu


  • nOmU lOnElY
    nOmU lOnElY6 hari yang lalu

    "Wae neoneun nareul mannaseo" Hmm 😭🖒💚

  • Athira Haya
    Athira Haya6 hari yang lalu

    Since the first episode of TODO, I've always hoped that BTS and TXT had a collaboration, like TODO RUN But watching this makes me happy🥺I feel like my request was granted even with a different idol😄 At least idol in bighit does a collaboration, that's what I'm waiting for 😭✋🏻

  • One&Only
    One&Only7 hari yang lalu

    I love them hahaa

  • Beom Kyuuu
    Beom Kyuuu7 hari yang lalu

    I've been a MOA just 2 weeks ago, should I stan Enhypen too? Omo they're all cutee and talented 💖

  • Athira Haya

    Athira Haya

    6 hari yang lalu

    Of course, you should be Engene too😁

  • JungkooksBananaMilk
    JungkooksBananaMilk7 hari yang lalu

    Why are TXT so funny without even trying!!

    TATYANA YOUNG7 hari yang lalu


  • CY 채연
    CY 채연7 hari yang lalu

    I laughed so hard when Beomgyu was trying to explain the team's pose for selca and the editor was "That's enough" LMAO

  • _G04_
    _G04_7 hari yang lalu

    They start so awkward with eachother I feel embarrassed but it's cute

  • Choi Ayesha
    Choi Ayesha7 hari yang lalu

    Art club: When there's 3 introverts and 1 extrovert lmao

  • Angelie Nicole
    Angelie Nicole7 hari yang lalu

    still waiting for bts, txt, enhypen, svt, gfriend, nu’est interaction

  • Snow White
    Snow White7 hari yang lalu

    sunoo's so cute heck

  • Keoxena Cataleya
    Keoxena Cataleya7 hari yang lalu

    Me right now: *answering my modules while watching this*💙

  • Sidney Winona
    Sidney Winona7 hari yang lalu

    sunoo disini kek kembang desa

  • Jeihan Aqila
    Jeihan Aqila7 hari yang lalu


  • Bradicah James
    Bradicah James8 hari yang lalu

    0f course Yeonjun's flying solo as head of the Dance club. I wonder if he considers a go as MC or a radio DJ? Maybe not by himself but I think he'd be great at it. I already know he's made a splash in the fashion model industry! So multitalented Yeonjun is!💞

  • Angeline Bonacruz
    Angeline Bonacruz8 hari yang lalu

    Editor blurring enhypens push pins is just so funny😂😂is that their unrealeased merch?that time😂

  • MiKaiEl Quinn
    MiKaiEl Quinn8 hari yang lalu

    My bias' in one team✊😭. ART CLUB

  • MiKaiEl Quinn

    MiKaiEl Quinn

    8 hari yang lalu

    tho they lost but still a big win♡

  • lily
    lily8 hari yang lalu

    What is the song at 1:22

  • Ju


    2 hari yang lalu

    If you haven't found out about it yet, the song is Eternally by txt!

  • 성이름
    성이름9 hari yang lalu


  • Micca Mosquera
    Micca Mosquera9 hari yang lalu

    Stan TXT and ENHYPEN for a happy life.

  • Micca Mosquera
    Micca Mosquera9 hari yang lalu

    Yeonjun and Heesung moment please

  • Micca Mosquera
    Micca Mosquera9 hari yang lalu

    Imagine how chaotic it would be if all HYBE artist in one building together

  • Micca Mosquera
    Micca Mosquera9 hari yang lalu

    Beomgyu is so funny

  • Hannie's_Pabo
    Hannie's_Pabo9 hari yang lalu

    Y'all even Enhypen members are tall, now imagine a pictorial with all HYBE artists

  • Krazy Kiwi
    Krazy Kiwi9 hari yang lalu

    Awwwwwww this was so cute having txt and enhypen on a show together I love it so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Lunar Nightingale
    Lunar Nightingale10 hari yang lalu

    During the cheek touching part they literally looked like they were kissing from a distance

  • Sayuri Sato
    Sayuri Sato10 hari yang lalu

    I want TXT with BTS not TXT and them. we have been asking for TXT and BTS for a while

  • Sayuri Sato

    Sayuri Sato

    9 hari yang lalu

    @Iidk G yeah is bad bc they do this to give ENHYPEN more exposure

  • Iidk G

    Iidk G

    10 hari yang lalu

    too bad

  • Marc Kenneth
    Marc Kenneth10 hari yang lalu

    This whole episode is the summary of cuteness if TXT and Enhypen. Most especially by Sunoo and Jungwon ❤️

  • Marc Kenneth
    Marc Kenneth10 hari yang lalu

    *In summary, the dance club win this game it consists of Yeonjun, Heeseung, Sunoo and Ni-ki.*

  • Marc Kenneth
    Marc Kenneth10 hari yang lalu

    25:39 Sunoo si extra cute here uwu❤️ he has the brightest smile along with Jungwon

  • Daniel Gabriel
    Daniel Gabriel10 hari yang lalu

    Me:13 min in not realizing I can't understand them cause I turned off the subtitle.

  • Dynamic Puppeteer
    Dynamic Puppeteer10 hari yang lalu

    Now do one with BTS and TXT! We need more BTS and TXT interactions!

  • And Rianie
    And Rianie10 hari yang lalu

    25:51 i remember renjun 🤣

  • Mojica, Reign Angelo R.
    Mojica, Reign Angelo R.10 hari yang lalu

    Ni-Ki really hits hard with the Ni (your) Ki (height) AHAHHAHA

  • ria minnie
    ria minnie10 hari yang lalu

    Beomgyu: hEar mE oUt Staff: eNouGh

  • ria minnie

    ria minnie

    10 hari yang lalu


  • ria minnie

    ria minnie

    10 hari yang lalu


  • ria minnie

    ria minnie

    10 hari yang lalu


  • ria minnie

    ria minnie

    10 hari yang lalu


  • ria minnie

    ria minnie

    10 hari yang lalu


  • ria minnie
    ria minnie10 hari yang lalu

    Will there be TXT, BTS, ENHYPEN, SVT, GFRIEND interactions altogether?

  • ria minnie

    ria minnie

    10 hari yang lalu


  • ria minnie

    ria minnie

    10 hari yang lalu


  • ria minnie

    ria minnie

    10 hari yang lalu


  • ria minnie

    ria minnie

    10 hari yang lalu


  • ria minnie

    ria minnie

    10 hari yang lalu


  • ria minnie
    ria minnie10 hari yang lalu


  • ria minnie
    ria minnie10 hari yang lalu


  • Kaezerin Bonifacio
    Kaezerin Bonifacio10 hari yang lalu

    i love you all

  • Kaezerin Bonifacio
    Kaezerin Bonifacio10 hari yang lalu


  • Sweety Honey
    Sweety Honey10 hari yang lalu

    39:46 I want to know what's happened to Taehyun's Hand??????????????????????????????

  • Agfsxhklkhg
    Agfsxhklkhg10 hari yang lalu

    I'm neither a fan of TXT nor Enhypen but this was so chaotic, their chemistry is really good hshshshs waiting for SVT and BTS to do the same, sure everyone's gonna rofl

  • Selftthingsbycyn
    Selftthingsbycyn10 hari yang lalu


  • Iuvryujin
    Iuvryujin11 hari yang lalu

    Enhyphen are all so shy infront of them its adorable

  • Lucille Galinea
    Lucille Galinea11 hari yang lalu

    i wish they could play together with BTS and other big hit Kgroup.

  • Isa Kpopper
    Isa Kpopper11 hari yang lalu

    i want one like this whit BTSx TXT x ENHYPEN!

  • •Lee Know •
    •Lee Know •11 hari yang lalu

    Sunoo saying fighting is my new favourite thing

  • •Lee Know •
    •Lee Know •11 hari yang lalu

    Everyone else trying to guess shower towel : calm and relaxed *Meanwhile* Ni-ki and Sunoo : **screaming in adorable**

  • •Lee Know •
    •Lee Know •11 hari yang lalu

    6:19 I'm crying rn-

  • •Lee Know •
    •Lee Know •11 hari yang lalu

    Sunoo : **trying to think of a poem with his name like the others** Taehyun and Beomgyu : Aww cute 🥺👍

  • Kookie Is still a baby
    Kookie Is still a baby11 hari yang lalu

    Idk them yet but then I laughed so hard😭😭

  • Leah Smith
    Leah Smith12 hari yang lalu

    It's so adorable watching ENHYPEN react to TXT in such a similar way to how TXT reacts to BTS!

  • DUo
    DUo12 hari yang lalu

    *Petition for BTS to join them*

  • KR!
    KR!12 hari yang lalu

    6:19 awww