Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors HD


Please keep the politics out of the comments and enjoy the music.
Heart w/ Jason Bonham - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center in HD


  • Marc B
    Marc BJam Yang lalu

    M ERCI , belle hommage a ce groupe pas facile de jouer un un des meilleurs titres devant eux , vraiment super a l'ensemble

  • Ay Bee
    Ay BeeJam Yang lalu

    Were there any Kennedy Centre Honours during the Trump administration? Am always suspicious of people in power who have no interest or enjoyment or history with a love for music. It means they can't connect with their emotions!!! Like you'd wanna know what their favourite tracks are and if they even have any appreciation for anything other than themselves! Perhaps, in the future, candidates should submit the top 10 of their all time favourites so we know what they emote to?

  • Paul Beadle
    Paul Beadle2 jam yang lalu

    I'm ashamed to say first time I have seen this absolutely brilliant brought tears to my eyes love Led Zeppelin ❤ ♥

  • R. C.
    R. C.3 jam yang lalu

    Obama otário!!!

  • jackson laurett
    jackson laurett4 jam yang lalu

    The Best!!!

  • Simon Pearn
    Simon Pearn4 jam yang lalu

    Wow, I wonder how much the tickets were?

  • Country Boy56
    Country Boy566 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else see Obama lol

  • maria padilla
    maria padilla6 jam yang lalu

    Wow que voz, linda música, beatiful song

  • Shady Urbexer
    Shady Urbexer7 jam yang lalu

    they changed music forever.. its aight to cry watching your own music make history

  • BlueSkye
    BlueSkye7 jam yang lalu

    Ladies, no matter how good your bf or man is if he isnt into Led Zeppelin dump his ass IMMEDIATELY!

  • Laurie Rivera
    Laurie Rivera8 jam yang lalu

    Freaking awesome

  • Mark Bolduc
    Mark Bolduc8 jam yang lalu

    Simply AWESOME!!!!

  • Denny Libertario
    Denny Libertario9 jam yang lalu

    Just wish we had been looking at the Ann Wilson from 45 years ago......it would have made for a more pleasant visual dimension to an otherwise iconic rock nugget from the 70's.....wow, time is tough on us all, isn't it? Advice stay young, fit and eat right.

  • Malcolm McDonald
    Malcolm McDonald9 jam yang lalu

    Outstanding.. just a shame it was performed in front of a bunch of hollyweirds, Freemasons and corporate stiffs

  • Linda Villone
    Linda Villone10 jam yang lalu

    That anthem became a Hymn with this performance. I have watched it several times and cry every time. I have no idea why...

  • Sharry Bucholz
    Sharry Bucholz11 jam yang lalu

    Amazing rendition

  • Skullthomson
    Skullthomson11 jam yang lalu

    Blown away...

  • Gisela Adjiman
    Gisela Adjiman11 jam yang lalu

    Grandioso , irrepetible!

  • Philip Schneider
    Philip Schneider12 jam yang lalu

    Jimmy is saying to the lead guitarist, your good boy, but not that good.

  • Edward Prete
    Edward Prete12 jam yang lalu

    Not a dry eye in the house or watching from the web.

  • José Antonio
    José Antonio12 jam yang lalu

    Clássico nunca morre,,. Belíssima interpretação..linda canção

  • Liz Tyrrell
    Liz Tyrrell12 jam yang lalu

    Does any body else notice how the very last verse ..how she says buying.a stair way to heaven...buying comes out bushing. Something like that. Beautiful. Voice .dont get me wrong..just want to know if other people heard..

  • Liz Tyrrell

    Liz Tyrrell

    5 jam yang lalu

    Anybody know why. ??

  • Liz Tyrrell

    Liz Tyrrell

    12 jam yang lalu

    I meant she said it like buyshing a stairway to heaven

  • Barbara Butler
    Barbara Butler12 jam yang lalu

    💗 💖 💘 💝 💟 ☮️!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tgrey
    Tgrey12 jam yang lalu

    Was awesome, discreet British tear....anyone else spot Blue Lou on sax obviously?

    PAUL HASSALL13 jam yang lalu


  • Γρηγόρης Μπουτούδης
    Γρηγόρης Μπουτούδης13 jam yang lalu

    Exactly! Music, just like any other form of art, remains protected, far and away from politics. Yet, it always stands critically against the few, who, throughout mankind history, try constantly to rule the many, gaining their personal profit. Have you seen Plant 's eyes? He was so touched.... I was, too. Still am.

  • Doug Sizenbach
    Doug Sizenbach13 jam yang lalu

    That look when you know.....

  • Klaus Jordan
    Klaus Jordan15 jam yang lalu

    und wir waren soooooooooooooooooo jung !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve S
    Steve S15 jam yang lalu


  • Ready to Go
    Ready to Go15 jam yang lalu

    Hate that song

  • Georges Reding
    Georges Reding15 jam yang lalu

    The best of the best !!! .... breathtaking !!

  • Eduarda Ellen
    Eduarda Ellen16 jam yang lalu

    Isso é um louvor!

  • Paolo Caldarini
    Paolo Caldarini16 jam yang lalu


  • Murat Sarsenov
    Murat Sarsenov16 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful. These 100 talanted musicians almost managed to produce asuch energy as the original four would

  • Ivan Kuljis Music
    Ivan Kuljis Music17 jam yang lalu

    _BLOODY AMA2!NG_ _Love from DownUnder! for 💖_ _We ALL Love yous, Nancy and Ann!_

  • Kat Sangineto
    Kat Sangineto17 jam yang lalu

    This hands down I think the best performance at the Kennedy honors

  • Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson

    17 jam yang lalu

    or ever

  • Jim Puff
    Jim Puff18 jam yang lalu

    Totally Awesome 👍😊❤️

  • josh sundar
    josh sundar18 jam yang lalu

    Jimmy Paige looks a lot like Bill Clinton in this video.

  • Oltimm
    Oltimm18 jam yang lalu

    well they need 4 guitars just to be similar to Jimmy Page...

  • Ian Oliver
    Ian Oliver18 jam yang lalu

    I've watched this video God knows so many times. My overarching impression is the look on Robert's face. It's like, well that was how we once were but never again. My comment to Robert, man, your music shall live on for generations. Probably the greatest rock band of all time!!

  • Davide Speranza
    Davide Speranza19 jam yang lalu

    Awesome performance !

  • G Bradshaw
    G Bradshaw19 jam yang lalu

    That moment when Robert Plant knew he was lucky to be here on Earth in a time where music flourished and he created a legit masterpiece for everyone to hear, feel and sing along too. Must be a hell of a feeling. Had me in tears man. Definitely one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen. 4+ billion years Earth has been around and us listeners were blessed enough to be alive at the same time as Led Zeppelin. Bless you all.

  • Gary LaFountain
    Gary LaFountain19 jam yang lalu

    Awesome!!!! Still the greatest.

  • Ronald Hess
    Ronald Hess19 jam yang lalu

    Just remember you can't by your way into heaven. Makes the lyrics even more poignant

  • Aayla Hartmann
    Aayla Hartmann20 jam yang lalu

    Most overrated song ever.

  • Danilo Marques Borges
    Danilo Marques Borges20 jam yang lalu

    Canta muito...😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Oscar Diaz
    Oscar Diaz20 jam yang lalu

    Gracias Led Zeppelin, por darnos tanto, gracias por vuestra creación. Se les agradece desde mercurio hasta el último de los planetas.

  • Enrique Zanon
    Enrique Zanon20 jam yang lalu

    Awesome ! No mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Izis Mello
    Izis Mello20 jam yang lalu

    Maravilhosa, espetaculo

  • 58fev
    58fev21 jam yang lalu

    Comme ils sont beaux...Groupe et chanson mythiques . Love them!

  • taufik anwar
    taufik anwarHari Yang lalu

    I see they were drop tears legend..😔😔

  • Schnoodleboops
    SchnoodleboopsHari Yang lalu

    Good, god. This is phenomenal.

  • David Banks
    David BanksHari Yang lalu

    Better than led zep.

  • Bessie Bell
    Bessie BellHari Yang lalu

    Wow.....the tears are flowing...that was really..BAD-ASS...GREAT JOB

  • Zoso United
    Zoso UnitedHari Yang lalu

    That bowler hats really moved robert plant 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jvalg3
    Jvalg3Hari Yang lalu


  • TheGrandmaDeath
    TheGrandmaDeathHari Yang lalu

    Aww when they look at each other and smile! Like proud parents 3:20

  • Angela Stansberry
    Angela StansberryHari Yang lalu

    OMG!!! THE BEST!!!

  • Mannie Lucero Beats & Music
    Mannie Lucero Beats & MusicHari Yang lalu

    I really love this... very emotional tribute. Robert Plant's eyes says it all...

  • Daniel Cardoso
    Daniel CardosoHari Yang lalu


  • Sheree Kern
    Sheree KernHari Yang lalu

    The way he looks at his baby boy playing the drums 😍😍😍

  • Maria Cantalice
    Maria CantaliceHari Yang lalu

    8.700 invejosos.

  • Frank Weber
    Frank WeberHari Yang lalu

    Can we get Heart to do the Superbowl halftime show.

  • Sonia hernandez-bernas
    Sonia hernandez-bernasHari Yang lalu

    yo yo ma vibes...all is well.

  • LinzBelle
    LinzBelleHari Yang lalu

    Too bad their most iconic song is plagiarized the intro from this song: iddown.info/the/rJmccbyX3ajBaqs/video.html . The group played at the FIRST U.S. Led Zeppline show as well as many other rock festivals. Not a coincidence.

  • Dario Cazares
    Dario CazaresHari Yang lalu

    Much respect to this epic performance 👏🏽

  • 후아후아
    후아후아Hari Yang lalu


  • Brian Morris
    Brian MorrisHari Yang lalu

    Robert Plant was trying his best to maintain that “stiff upper lip” but his emotions got the best of him. Wonderful performance!

  • 木登蜥蜴
    木登蜥蜴Hari Yang lalu


  • Jeremy Wurm
    Jeremy WurmHari Yang lalu

    Robert plant looks sad that his voice didn't hold up like hers has.

  • Marie Emenheiser
    Marie EmenheiserHari Yang lalu

    My Favorite Song Awesome Love ❤️ It Was My First Dance With My John🥰 43 years ago 🙏 Love It

  • adilson junior
    adilson juniorHari Yang lalu

    Sheldon Cooper on guitar

  • Radtech


    Hari Yang lalu

    Haha! I thought the same thing!!

  • Whisgers
    WhisgersHari Yang lalu

    2nd time I've watched this today

  • Tarsila Rocha
    Tarsila RochaHari Yang lalu


  • Maia Santana
    Maia SantanaHari Yang lalu


  • Iceburglettuce
    IceburglettuceHari Yang lalu

    Found this during lockdown and it kept me going - along with a few live Nightwish performances of Ghost Love Score and Everdream. Ann and Floor - two of the best vocalists ever.

  • Bill G

    Bill G

    Hari Yang lalu

    same here

  • Thu Na
    Thu NaHari Yang lalu


  • Lleyton Spencer
    Lleyton SpencerHari Yang lalu


  • no name
    no nameHari Yang lalu

    Listen to those voices. Do you honestly think humans got here by some random accident? Bullshit

  • Pat Whited
    Pat WhitedHari Yang lalu

    Rest in peace, Bonzo..

  • Anthony Crook
    Anthony CrookHari Yang lalu

    does jimmy have any Asian ancestry,

  • Feddy Cougah
    Feddy CougahHari Yang lalu

    for why David Letterman next to Led Zeppelin ?

  • mike kresha
    mike kreshaHari Yang lalu

    One word. INCREDIBLE

  • Imalrightma
    ImalrightmaHari Yang lalu

    YES! they did it right...they went big, then bigger, then GIGANTIC.....love how much Zep are digging it too great stuff

  • Very Public
    Very PublicHari Yang lalu


  • Paquito Pujol
    Paquito PujolHari Yang lalu

    Gracias al montaje gospel... Si no careceria de carisma .... De verdad !!! no es lo mismo!!!

  • Paquito Pujol
    Paquito PujolHari Yang lalu

    No puede ser...lo mismo... Fue... y sera insuperable...pese!!! al poder !!! muy buena version...con muchos defectos... me quedo personalmente... con la original...para siempre!!!... sheldon cooper tocando la guitarra principal? Obhama en el palco? acto promocional...big bang!!! saludos a todos!!!

  • Christina Diaz
    Christina DiazHari Yang lalu


  • Bill G

    Bill G

    Hari Yang lalu

    my same thought

  • St
    StHari Yang lalu

    One of our greatest british rock bands, don't think they will ever be repeated.

  • RobinMaster- Sama
    RobinMaster- SamaHari Yang lalu

    Esto si es un puto homenaje

  • Mike Latham
    Mike LathamHari Yang lalu

    No words can explain this powerful performance. I am blown away.

  • Mark Framel
    Mark FramelHari Yang lalu

    Absolutely amazing

  • ali royfan
    ali royfanHari Yang lalu


  • diamadis koustenis
    diamadis koustenisHari Yang lalu

    from the first words everyone starts to travel through.this song have magic

    GABRIEL ALMEIDAHari Yang lalu

    Música fodah, c eh loko, sempre da vontade de chorar qnd ouço

  • Abdul Rahim
    Abdul RahimHari Yang lalu

    Pov : Obama watching Elon Musk playing guitar

  • Gianni Imbrogno
    Gianni ImbrognoHari Yang lalu

    wow guys...thanks

  • No Bun
    No BunHari Yang lalu


  • Peter Taylor
    Peter TaylorHari Yang lalu


  • gsxtr1
    gsxtr1Hari Yang lalu