nct 2020 being mess for 12+ minutes ot23


0:00 족보즈 | ☀️WELCOME TO SUN&MOON🌕 EP.8 Jungwoo, Mark, Lucas
1:52 Make a wish vlive
2:14 [Un Cut] Take #1|2020 YearParty Behind the Scene #1
3:19 감정을 담는거야… 이 셀카에…🛸📸 | NCT’s 🍯꿀팁전수🍯 #2 | NCT’s USEFUL TIPS
3:56 To The World 여긴 N! CT!!! | NCT’s 🍯꿀팁전수🍯 #1
5:08 재재즈 | ☀️WELCOME TO SUN&MOON🌕 EP.7 Jaemin, Jaehyun
6:11 [Un Cut] Take #1|2020 YearParty Behind the Scene #1
8:05 어사즈 | ☀️WELCOME TO SUN&MOON🌕 EP.5 Renjun, Doyoung, Jeno
9:28 Jisung, Hendery, Chenle, Kun vlive


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    @mark lee in the house yo Oop ok lol

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    mark lee in the house yo

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    Softlars urm fortunately nope hehe i’m just a normal girl who love/support these 23 boys 🥺💚

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    @mark lee in the house yo I have seen you everywhere... Are you a stalker or sumn? XD

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    yass!! fighting

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    @mark lee in the house yo bro I see you EVERYWHERE

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    Feels like: Eldest: Jisung Middle child: Hendery Youngest: Chenle Reality: Eldest: Hendery Middle Child: Chenle Youngest: Jisung

  • Tony Lachimolala Montana
    Tony Lachimolala Montana21 jam yang lalu

    I don't think Doyoung is awkward at all, he's just bullied XD

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    @twomad save me

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    This really is just Haechan being the absolute worst isn’t it

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    HOLD UPP there’s MORE OF THEMM like I swear there’s was only like 18 NOW 23 or 22 LIKE HOWWW

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    Sungchan Next flirty member Jungwoo brought him up

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    I love how chenle always bully kun jnjksdhhdshd

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    Every Jennifer felt so happy while their names are being called by Jungwoo

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    9:04 My goodness, SM's make up artists, tf is wrong with yall? Do yall feel the need to hide their natural skin collor by whitewashing them?? Look at the color difference between their necks and face, especially Jeno. Their natural skin tone is beautiful as it is!!

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    I want haechan and yangyang to have a talk show about exposing their members

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    When they tried to whistle through their teeth they sounded like fucking snakes 😭😭

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    10:34 Chenle was probably like: You cheated on me!

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    2:16 the hello bye hello bye hello thanks hello thanks starts 😂

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    not a mess: not nct

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    Jungwoo is calling me lol

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    7:18 oh wow is Jisung sleeping?

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    Yuta forgetting his own members age, first Mark, now Jisung. When nctzen remember even their shoe size

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    Ty is very cute maybe world

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    I can’t memorize their faces by those guides so, I watch funny moments lol

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    Taeyong in the thumbnail 🤣

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    why does jaehyun and jaemin looks like a couple sitting in the bench at the park being asked by some random people? 5:19

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    This is winiwn's world and we're all just living it

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    1:03 that was so hot omg jungwoo

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    NCT is cute 🥺👉👈💚

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    I'm just thinking bout those people who said that wayv isn't nct Don't be shy, come out and watch this.

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    I love when Chenle bullies Jisung lmao it's too funny. Hendery said he's never seen Jisung upset. He can just look at Jisung whenever Chenle is around, example 11:06 lmfaoo

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    Bros vote now! NCT needs our constant love and support!! As an NCTzen we should do our best and let them be appreciated!!!

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    Marks smile will always be one of the cutest smiles i've ever seen. 🥺

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    i love that they have an enjoyable experience at shoots

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    NCT memes never dissapoints

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    I don't even stan cause there's too many ppl and my memory is so bad but they're so funny I can't

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    I can whistle like Shotaro 😃 A lot of people has said to me that is impossible to whistle like that way, but I’m just: I can do that, but can’t whistle like y’all :D

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    Idk but im completely inlove with Shotaro

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    there will never be a day where they will leave kim doyoung alone save doyoung from his naughty children

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    You're an absolute STAR for putting timestamps and the original videos in the description, my goodness

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    Shotaro is soo cuteee 🤗🤗😍😍😍

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    As I saw them screaming at the begining of the video I said nope I picked the wrong video

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    6:19 random lowkey sounded exactly like Lee Know from skz lol

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    Nct: whistle between the teeth Me: Yes, this is the water we need for face cleaning

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    I want Shotoro's whistling as my ringtone

    BTSBLINKATINY &BighitFam25 hari yang lalu

    I never knew Taeil was this free ,cool and funny I 💚 him

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    Nobody: Haechan: *babie noises*

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    bruh i just found out how to whistle with my 2 front teeth lol

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    6:46 That actually sounded like a drama scene

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    6:16 THAT IS SO TRUE 😂

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    kun and chenle seem so comfortable around each other, it's so cute 🥺

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    Taeil : *quiet* Other : Lets ask taeil hyung. Taeil : *open her mouth* Other : *craaaaaaaaaaaack* 😂

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    vote NCT!

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    no one is gonna talk about how hyucks "lucaaaasssss" and lucas's "wassup" omg like what i loved that interaction

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    Heechans stans come fetch your mans

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    Poor Doyoung, as a new fan, I learned he is *always* clowned, regardless if he is actually there or not o.o I think I know the least about Chenle, actually... I feel bad. Well him among some other members but yeah.

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    And you know what's the most fun part about this? We still have 2 months of 2020 to go and this will also hopefully go into 2021 meaning more chaos :D

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    Who is JENIFER????

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    6:32 same yuta same, I can feel you 😔

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    Mark knows when the hyung-dongsaeng relationship between him and Haechan is gone it will be the death of him

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    Jungwoo really said "JenNIFERr"

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    where’s dejun part?🥺

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    Bruh I love taeil hahahahha

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    im still wheezt for the fact that hendery, one of evil crackheads in wayv, can babysit chenji that well *sob

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    Kim ChloeBulan Yang lalu

    5:36 Jaemin says hes a 2 ALL MEN DO IS LIEEEE

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    Jaede 'sBulan Yang lalu

    I didnt know hendery knew jisung and chenle from back in 2015 o-0

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    I love them all sooo much 💚

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    6:45 im sorry. the old jinny can't come to the phone rn. why? oh! cuz shes jennifer now-

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    i've been waiting for luwoo like two years. I'm crying. 2020 is definitely the best year for NCTzen•́ ‿ ,•̀

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    The friendship between Kun and Chenle. That's the comment, yep.

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    Apolonia VergaraBulan Yang lalu

    Hendery 😻

  • Seonghwa's Third Head
    Seonghwa's Third HeadBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine how noisy and quiet it'll be if we put all 23 members in one room

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    Rolix TurredaBulan Yang lalu

    Bully masyado si Lucas Where is Mark???? hahaha

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    anyone see the way lucas was sitting at 1:01? 😂

  • johnjae from NCT is the funniest duo ever periodt
    johnjae from NCT is the funniest duo ever periodtBulan Yang lalu

    Lmao at 1:52 Shotaro : *Doing it perfectly* Taeyong : *Tries hard but ends up looking weird lol* (no hate to my babie taeyongie :( ) Jaemin : *Tries to be pretty while trying to doing it* Doyoung : *Doesn’t even try lmao*

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    Thank you for all the Taeil content, I’m usually used to see not very much Taeil moments in such video compilations 🥺

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    9:52 😭😭😭😭

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    Its not nct anymore but NCD

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    I was about to say 'Wait why you didnt include Johnny

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    I'm laughing out loud the way Taeyong, Nana and Doyoung whistle through their teeth. 😂 come on guys! Leave it to the expert, Shotaro. 😍

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    Sungchan: To the world NCT *bows Taeil: nO *aggresively hits the xylophone Shotaro: is scared 🥺 We need more Sungchan and Shotaro contents

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    "Yuta-san" omg that was soo cute

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    This made me realized I shipped luwoo

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    What does OT stand for?

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    One Team

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    7:18 jisung just sleep standing here and people never relies it 🤷

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    omfg luwoo......... long time no see...... 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺

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    DUDE I DIED @ 3:04 🤣

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    I've aged too jisung has aged Kun is always old - Chenle 2020

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    8:18 Jeno said what I always say hahahaha 👁👄👁

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    chenle is such a savage

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    Who was that not interested one?

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    is no one gonna talk about how cute doyoung was when he tried whistling

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    Jaemin looks so thin gajdisndkams

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