FlightReacts WARRIORS at LAKERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 28, 2021!


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  • Henry Matvias
    Henry Matvias12 hari yang lalu

    How many kids does curry have

  • Cutie Steven
    Cutie Steven22 hari yang lalu


  • Bob Evans
    Bob Evans29 hari yang lalu

    I cannot believe this. As a lifelong NBA fan it’s disappointing to see LeChina with a Mickey Mouse ring. Le3-6-1 needs to go cry to the refs and get carried by AD to win a game. LeBum isn’t even top 25 all time. Steph owns Letrash in the finals. Absolute joke. Not my GOAT.

  • BuFF3D JD YT
    BuFF3D JD YTBulan Yang lalu

    Flight: Lebron is scared of curry Me: 👁👁. Bruh lol 👄

  • Spiritual Eli
    Spiritual EliBulan Yang lalu

    “Down catastrophic” 😂

  • Alondra Espinoza
    Alondra EspinozaBulan Yang lalu


  • Alondra Espinoza
    Alondra EspinozaBulan Yang lalu

    Bro flight is such a hater

  • Neko Boy
    Neko BoyBulan Yang lalu

    Lakers in 5

  • Justin Lopez
    Justin LopezBulan Yang lalu


  • Daniel :D
    Daniel :DBulan Yang lalu


  • Haik
    HaikBulan Yang lalu

    Flight: Warriors are down by 100 Also flight when curry gets a and one: AYY CURRY LETS GOO

  • Cyber Bully Hunter
    Cyber Bully HunterBulan Yang lalu

    Salty fan be like😂😂😂

  • bronzefighta
    bronzefightaBulan Yang lalu

    Over hear blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time

  • Colton Thomson
    Colton ThomsonBulan Yang lalu

    That ending tho😂😂😂

  • Miles Manilay
    Miles ManilayBulan Yang lalu

    doesn't introduce lebron lmfao

  • TΣΛL
    TΣΛLBulan Yang lalu

    Jesus is coming repent of your sins. He paid the price for your sins so you can be clean. He loves you so much that he died for you. It’s never to late to be saved until day of judgement which can be when you die or when we are all judged. God bless you all.👑✝️💜

  • SauerPlayz2k
    SauerPlayz2kBulan Yang lalu

    Flight says this century isn’t competitive but when the lakers are he’s mad

  • Eric MVP2
    Eric MVP2Bulan Yang lalu

    LeBron:*goes to bed* Flight:"That was luck"

  • Amandeep Begol
    Amandeep BegolBulan Yang lalu

    why is flight always so salty

  • pia dupitas
    pia dupitasBulan Yang lalu

    Flight try to react to NBA brutal dunks you've never seen before

  • Slug Round 245
    Slug Round 245Bulan Yang lalu

    Kelly oubre needs to get off the team like he’s so athletic and such a good player but is so clueless and doesn’t know how to use his abilities as he should he can’t play defense either like this man is a walking liability and bc of his horrible shooting put the warriors in I forgot what number but pretty low in 3p% if Kelly oubre never shot a 3p they’d be in 1st for 3p%

  • Mendy 1468
    Mendy 1468Bulan Yang lalu

    u can see the disgust in flights face watching his team get slaughtered

  • Rainman Thompson
    Rainman ThompsonBulan Yang lalu

    If the warriors would've won u would say Lakers are trash cut the jokes

  • Rainman Thompson
    Rainman ThompsonBulan Yang lalu

    Warriors are trash

  • Cashout Legend
    Cashout LegendBulan Yang lalu

    move ya shit we needa see the score

  • Melodic ‘
    Melodic ‘Bulan Yang lalu

    Its crazy that he didnt say that “whoever wins this game is going to the playoffs” like he did when the Warriors won 😂😂

  • Djibril Mutagoma
    Djibril MutagomaBulan Yang lalu

    flight: hides the warrior trash scoreline through the whole video cash: why bro why??

  • TripiA
    TripiABulan Yang lalu

    Dang flight they took a fat L

  • Rolli
    RolliBulan Yang lalu

    He kills me with the LEBRON😂

  • Cleann SZN

    Cleann SZN

    Bulan Yang lalu

    no he doesn't and your not funny with your corny joke

  • RossFromSN
    RossFromSNBulan Yang lalu

    Flight we’re gonna need you to dissect close games more🤣🤣

  • snyperlyfe
    snyperlyfeBulan Yang lalu

    Flight was not lying when he said he was grinding

  • Plushy World
    Plushy WorldBulan Yang lalu

    Flights top 5 all time players 1. Steph curry 2.Allen iverson 3. Derrick rose 4. Michel Jordan 5. Monta Ellis

  • Snagxz FH
    Snagxz FHBulan Yang lalu

    This man flight was trying to make up any possible excuse to why the warriors were gettin destroyed 😂😂

  • Mohamedamin Nur
    Mohamedamin NurBulan Yang lalu

    funny guy

  • Saul Landin
    Saul LandinBulan Yang lalu

    Put ur face cam on the opposite side of the scoreboard so we can see the score

  • Abdi Abdid
    Abdi AbdidBulan Yang lalu

    Flight you don’t post Portland trailblazers game what happen

  • Scott Hughes
    Scott HughesBulan Yang lalu

    Lebron sucks

  • Sup Homie
    Sup HomieBulan Yang lalu

    Flight trying to finesse the warriors blowout by hiding the score

  • DrewsDifferent
    DrewsDifferentBulan Yang lalu

    Flight thinks Steph is better than any nba player possible. Like this dude will legit leave his girlfriend for Steph Curry. I get it. No one takes flight seriously but he has to be trolling. Like he said LEBRON JAMES WAS CURRYS SON! 💀

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    😂😂😂 L.A

  • Vooch aviation
    Vooch aviationBulan Yang lalu

    1:10 the heck?

  • Blue 40
    Blue 40Bulan Yang lalu

    Man you are not a FAN! You are a HATER

  • Steph Curry
    Steph CurryBulan Yang lalu

    Look at me man so inspirational

  • Laker Gang
    Laker GangBulan Yang lalu

    When Lebron says something flight that was luck

  • Laker Gang
    Laker GangBulan Yang lalu

    When Lebron says something flight that was luck

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin AndersonBulan Yang lalu

    React to how the NBA became soft

  • Silky Utters
    Silky UttersBulan Yang lalu

    Poor curry had to go against the King 👑

  • The Random guy
    The Random guyBulan Yang lalu

    9:26 When Jared Dudley Comes the game is OVER

  • J'Veon Washington
    J'Veon WashingtonBulan Yang lalu

    Bra u scream in my ear one mo time flight imma report yo page mi nigga😭...but naw I love da grind man love you bro‼💯💙

  • FloBeKillin
    FloBeKillinBulan Yang lalu

    Damn curry did not do nothing curry sold us today not against lebron so lucky man😒

  • Jaiden Maseko
    Jaiden MasekoBulan Yang lalu

    This man flight called Lebron Steph currys son

  • Official Giannis Akumpo
    Official Giannis AkumpoBulan Yang lalu

    The James of Lebron dude thinks he's nice😒

  • C P
    C PBulan Yang lalu

    I love my Lakers

  • MidWest Ent.
    MidWest Ent.Bulan Yang lalu

    curry makes a stepback 3 flight: hes so inspirational lebron make the same exact stepback flight: thats luck man

  • Cris Ortega 326
    Cris Ortega 326Bulan Yang lalu



    Stop d riding the warriors. Chill out hating on the lakers. Sit yo ass down

  • Cris Ortega 326
    Cris Ortega 326Bulan Yang lalu

    STOP BLOCKING THE SCORE YOU DUCK, learn how to react

  • Country of Austin
    Country of AustinBulan Yang lalu

    ‘PCP dude’ 😂

    RAJINBulan Yang lalu

    Flight: *intentifies lebron*

  • Tanay Raj Singh Chauhan
    Tanay Raj Singh ChauhanBulan Yang lalu

    here comes anothe lebrone hater this youtuber is lebrone hater he is comparing curry to lebrone . lebrone is in the race of best basketball player ever lived . curry is another player who win when durant is there .

  • Tanay Raj Singh Chauhan
    Tanay Raj Singh ChauhanBulan Yang lalu

    this guy always make hateful comments. he also said at time of nba finals .this guy is worst youtuber i have ever seen

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel CastilloBulan Yang lalu

    You love to see it

  • amal seif
    amal seifBulan Yang lalu

    Yo flight you should react to LeBron Movie: A King's Metamorphosis - FULL *By Valdemar Surel Dahl* and then after that you should react to LeBron James Movie - A King's Metamorphosis 3

  • nico
    nicoBulan Yang lalu

    flights deluded

  • I can't even R.I.P young dagger
    I can't even R.I.P young daggerBulan Yang lalu

    Bro and my birthday was on the 28th of February

  • Brevon Mckinney
    Brevon MckinneyBulan Yang lalu

    If Flight was on the Warriors, I guarantee he would be the waterboy

  • Adrian Atkinson
    Adrian AtkinsonBulan Yang lalu

    thay posed to seat thats what you get and in june you not gon be good i am 5'0 and i will beat u

  • Adrian Atkinson
    Adrian AtkinsonBulan Yang lalu

    thats what you get

  • Wavy Gravy
    Wavy GravyBulan Yang lalu

    Nothing notable rhymes with March

  • Devooo W
    Devooo WBulan Yang lalu

    Wait til he finds out that was Akumpos brother

  • Grizzlysk824
    Grizzlysk824Bulan Yang lalu

    LMAOOOO mans was mad 💀

  • Anh-Tuan Do
    Anh-Tuan DoBulan Yang lalu

    You can see his facial reaction turn salty haha. Dudes a loser

  • Sand
    SandBulan Yang lalu


  • Kai Chatman
    Kai ChatmanBulan Yang lalu

    I honestly love seeing the warriors loose Bc it aggravates flight😂 don’t get me wrong warriors are a good team but they ain’t that good.

  • FNB Jay 15
    FNB Jay 15Bulan Yang lalu

    I just can’t wait until I get a.... LEBRONNNNN

  • Ewangelos Lycoudis
    Ewangelos LycoudisBulan Yang lalu

    I dont see the fucking score

  • Emveeways
    EmveewaysBulan Yang lalu

    10:36 😹

  • Gotta Haveit
    Gotta HaveitBulan Yang lalu

    Nicca put sum respect on my lakers nicca!!

  • Adil Ameen
    Adil AmeenBulan Yang lalu

    This is national television

  • Aleata Dalcour
    Aleata DalcourBulan Yang lalu

    Flight Lavell Scott called you out for a 1v1.

  • Michael Teljeur
    Michael TeljeurBulan Yang lalu

    Flight just trying not to cry lmao

  • KillerLi YT
    KillerLi YTBulan Yang lalu

    Flight really said he would drop 30 in an nba game lol

  • Ryan Peeler
    Ryan PeelerBulan Yang lalu

    React Portland hornets game

  • Gwalla Bear Beatz
    Gwalla Bear BeatzBulan Yang lalu

    Flight thinks he can drop 30 against the lakers 😂

  • Zack and cris Gaming
    Zack and cris GamingBulan Yang lalu


  • Sesar Leon
    Sesar LeonBulan Yang lalu

    This guy don't know shit about basketball 😂

  • Cyle Kong
    Cyle KongBulan Yang lalu

    Lebron: farts* Flight: that was luck

  • lISasukelI lIUchihalI
    lISasukelI lIUchihalIBulan Yang lalu

    L 🤡🤡🤡

  • Jaden Shehata
    Jaden ShehataBulan Yang lalu

    He called lerbron so inspirational 6:36

  • sammieman818
    sammieman818Bulan Yang lalu

    Warriors are ass this season 😂

  • Johan Bantiling
    Johan BantilingBulan Yang lalu

    Curry is so garbage and his teammates

  • Anyell Rodriguez Joubert
    Anyell Rodriguez JoubertBulan Yang lalu

    Anyone who’s not on the warriors Flight: why does he have a contract and I don’t Lol......

  • Miikz
    MiikzBulan Yang lalu

    - he always forget pascal

  • Kayden Lor
    Kayden LorBulan Yang lalu

    😂😂😂😂 Lakers are tryhards

    MISTAMONEYBAGZ20142Bulan Yang lalu

    🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂😭🥳🥳💪🏾 Lakers in ✋🏾

  • mixed blood
    mixed bloodBulan Yang lalu

    This flight dude is hilarious 😆

  • mixed blood
    mixed bloodBulan Yang lalu

    Why we letting them beat us? Funny I didn’t see Golden State on his shirt.

  • _Dreamhillz_
    _Dreamhillz_Bulan Yang lalu

    What's the score for the warriors

  • juronlee15
    juronlee15Bulan Yang lalu

    How does the nba let curry get away with that move he does after shooting a three he just falls to the ground and gets the call 🤣😂

  • Patrick Gomez
    Patrick GomezBulan Yang lalu

    I gave you the view! But yo my guy, I know you might not have been watching the association that long. My word, the warriors ( that's with a lil w) are headed right back where they came from n belong...the bottom of the league! You have stressful n tight years ahead of ya! Lol