These Cristiano Ronaldo Skills Should Be Illegal


Cristiano Ronaldo: Best Ankle Breaker And Ridiculous Skills In Football
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    Ronaldo is dream in real life

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    these cristiano ronaldo skills should be legal

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    I think football is the most toughest game in the world bcz you need very high stamina to paly football

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    Best footballer is cristiano ronaldo 😎😎😎

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    He is a one man army.

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    it is not

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    Bruh , I was amazed with the trick on 3:20 it was freaking awsome

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    His skills are not illegal, this proof of his practise and struggle 😠

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    god of football there is no one stronger than him

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    Lol how can it be illegel?

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    His skills are not illegal

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    Why are these skills considered illegal when they are even not against the rules ? 5:10 he pushed the other guy so I think he should get a card for it.

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    *HI DEAR* TRYME.UNO IDdown: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" youtube: be gone

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    I love you cr7

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    These skills are not illegal

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    They shouldn't be illegal

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    Ronaldo can play in any team and still be the best player in it. Ronaldo is better then Messi. Messi won Champions League mostly because he had great players to back him up. Ronaldo Himself is the only player that can bring a team twice to the finals and win. Messi never in Champions League history even brought barca to the finals in order for them to win. The so called Player (Messi) who can’t even win a damn International Trophy. Went into a World Cup Final. LOST. Went into the Copa America finals twice! LOST!! Messi has great players with him in Argentina with the likes of Di Maria, Dybala, Rojo, Mascherano,Aguero,Higuain, Otamendi,Pastore,Zabaleta and Etc. The names i called out they are playing in big leagues like Premier League, La liga and Serie A. Portugal barely even have any players playing in La liga, Premier league and Serie A. The only players i could say are good in Portugal are Renato Sanches and maybe 3 to 4 players and that’s it. Also for Ronaldo to help Portugal when they were in a tight spot to get into the Finals and WIN! That to me tells me how dedicated this guy is. Messi maybe a great player but never could messi decide he is gonna bring barca to a final and win. Last season when Neymar was shining brighter than Messi. The game Neymar was EXTRAORDINARILY GREAT IN. the 6-1 2nd leg against PSG. That game was all Neymar. Neymar Assisted, Scored. Hell! I barely even saw Messi did anything. The last Champions League Barca won. Neymar scored in that game messi was nowhere to be found. Still To me a player who you guys call the second best just tells me you guys look at what Messi has in his bag meaning oh he could dribble past 7 guys and score. While Ronaldo he isn’t a player that get through more then 5 but Ronaldo when he wants to score he does. Yes you guys probabl laugh at the sentence or think it doesn’t make sense cause you will say oh well why isn’t he performing now? Why isn’t he scoring? Well Look at his age. But still scoring great. He’s getting old not younger. But for a player to at least win 3 champions league cups in 4 years? Is too unreal. Messi himself could never do that talking about Messi is the best. But everyone is entitled to heir own opinion but just stating facts. Ronaldo is such a inspiration and a perfect athlete.He is the biggest inpiration of mine. See people don't like him(maybe some people don't like me because I'm too good) because he is the best and confident in himself that makes people insecure and jealous. His alpha mentality makes people more jealous. People can't understand how this poor kid from Portugal, who's father was a gatekeeper become the Goat 🐐. Because they can't do it themselves. But it's fine he got much more fans. The Portuguese superstar has been magnificent when it comes to deciding the fate of big games. He is a man made for grand occasions. This man has been delivering in the big European nights over the last decade for every team he has played for, and his prowess to impact a tie can never be compared to anyone. We have seen in the past that nerves can take over talent and impact the final result, but this superstar has got nerves of steel. He can remain as cool as a cucumber in crunch situations, and this very attitude makes him the player that he is today. Also Messi never left his comfort zone. Ronaldo did it twice. He takes like a warrior. He left MU after winning champions league and RM after 3 consecutive champions league title. On the hand, messi has quited once for Argentina and wanted to leave barca when they needed him the most. CR7 is fantastic leader and best aerial player ever. Became the best player in man united at that time and Became the best player in Real Madrid of all time. messi has been stuck with barcelona for since he was a very young teen. Ronaldo on the other hand won champions league with two biggest teams in Europe. Until Messi leaves Barcelona.Messi to me is still a legend tho. But pessi fans suck my balls. When it's comes to messi is the best dribbler shut up, he has done it just 2 3 times that and done. Mardona is real champ. Cr7 either it's left or right foot doesn't matter incredible aerial plays in 36 still. He is leader Messi is a quieter he has taken retirement from international just because they were not winning and he wanted to leave barca now when they need him the most. Other hand king 👑 Cr7 leave team winning champions league three times in a row and goes to Italy to be king 👑 there too. He don't give up, he is perfect example for any athlete and human. He is the Goat because he got euro 2016 and nations league 2019 what Messi got nothing. Because can't win anything without barca . Edit If u are comparing La liga goals then it is because Ronaldo started playing in La liga from 2009 and Messi is playing from 2004 and so the no of seasons Messi played in La liga are much more than Ronaldo and has 347 goals 65 more than Ronaldo's 282.. But Messi has played 380 games and Ronaldo played only 263.. But if you compare All time goals of Ronaldo and Messi than Ronaldo has 595 and Messi has 562 and here Ronaldo has an edge over Messi but similarly Ronaldo has played 852 games much more than 698 that of Messi.. But again Ronaldo played most of his matches at Manchester united as a midfielder and what 😦 abt his lisbon matches where as Messi played many of his seasons at barcelona as a winger so he had better Goal scoring opportunities in his early footbaal carrier.. Messi is playing deep in Barcelona for quite some time.. So in different faces of their carriers both Ronaldo and Messi played in different positions and due to which there goals scoring ratio has been different.. Messi may have been creating a lot of chances but still he needs someone to finish it and Ronaldo may not be creating a lot of chances but all he need is a one goal scoring opportunity and he'll bring his team home.. So you can't compare both.. Both of them have extraordinary skills and talent and both of them are best at what they do.. So stop compairing and start enjoying still it lasts.. Because Ronaldo is already 36 and Messi is already 33 and both have left only few years of playing with them.. So lets stop compairing them and cherish till it lasts.. We'll never see a better rivalry than this #LoveOneRespectBoth

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    lol those are some weak ass skills

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    This is the result of day and night hard work

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    Cristiano YOU ARE A REAL CHAMPION ❤️🔥 Hope & pray meet you oneday the gr8est ❤️❤️❤️

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    But these illegals makes him legal..

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    AJAY FF3 hari yang lalu

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    He is really creating montages at international level😂🔥

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    Ghah cmon those need to be illegal i can do them all day and better

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    Skills are skills. They are made to be used on the football pitch.

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    CRISTIANO RONALDO the Goat of all of all time and no one will ever top his mad skills

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    The GOAT 🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱

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