Lewy Hat Trick Sané Dream Goal! | FC Bayern München - Eintracht Frankfurt | 5-0 | All Goals | MD 5


#FCBSGE | Highlights from Matchday 5!
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Watch all goals of FC Bayern München vs. Eintracht Frankfurt from Matchday 5 of 2020/21 season!
Goals: 1-0 Lewandowski (10'), 2-0 Lewandowski (26'), 3-0 Lewandowski (60'), 4-0 Sané (72'), 5-0 Musiala (90')
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  • Single Sexy Angle

    Single Sexy Angle

    Bulan Yang lalu




    Bulan Yang lalu

    Vamos Champions Bayern Muenchen 🙏

  • S RusTT

    S RusTT

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Please stop compressing the highlights,we need to see the chances created as well. If you want to cut short and show only goals,please add timestamps in a longer video..so some can watch only goals and those who are interested can watch fully.

  • rouen paulo

    rouen paulo

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Very Robbenesque.



    Bulan Yang lalu

  • Kylian Mbappe
    Kylian MbappeBulan Yang lalu

    From Sané I can only say wow.

  • Nammuiteu Pame
    Nammuiteu PameBulan Yang lalu

    Always l love to R.Lewy good standard's and Hansi Flick Goretzka Muller Joshua Manuel Nueuer and All Bayern Munich Munchen FC Member's Long live, Long live, Long live

  • ramzi Rin2
    ramzi Rin2Bulan Yang lalu

    Boring bundeliga no challenger 👎 U can score 100 goals with 15 farmer team..only dortmund can keep up with bayern..

  • CS
    CSBulan Yang lalu

    Oh how the tables have turned...

  • Harz.exe
    Harz.exeBulan Yang lalu

    Lewandowski is slowly getting older but also better like fine wine :D

  • Павел Антушевич
    Павел АнтушевичBulan Yang lalu

    Bayern and Dortmund are the best teams now in the world)

  • Teho Siudai
    Teho SiudaiBulan Yang lalu

    Is bayern a mine, cos they be unearthing so many young gems

  • Frank Wiseman
    Frank WisemanBulan Yang lalu

    Lewandowski actually scored a golden hat trick meaning left, right, header and scoring them consecutively

    BOLA TVBulan Yang lalu

    LEWY The best player

  • Nguyễn Hùng
    Nguyễn HùngBulan Yang lalu


  • Just Because
    Just BecauseBulan Yang lalu

    I swear Lewandowski is getting 60 goals this season

  • Vincent Productions
    Vincent ProductionsBulan Yang lalu

    When did Robben grow an afro?

  • dyszko fan
    dyszko fanBulan Yang lalu

    And yes Lewandowski will never be better Messi

  • Adams Golan
    Adams GolanBulan Yang lalu

    Goal Machine : Lewandowski

  • Nathaniel Salvatore
    Nathaniel SalvatoreBulan Yang lalu

    Robben is that you?

  • Johnny Hugo boss
    Johnny Hugo bossBulan Yang lalu

    They have only played like 5 games and he has already scored like 13 goals

  • Kboid
    KboidBulan Yang lalu

    I guess they will have to cancel ballon d'or this year too..

  • Cheat Yukhu
    Cheat YukhuBulan Yang lalu


  • Mr Anjay
    Mr AnjayBulan Yang lalu


  • Abdirihin1234 56
    Abdirihin1234 56Bulan Yang lalu


  • نظرة على :
    نظرة على :Bulan Yang lalu

    Riad mahrez in bayern Munich

  • Mouad Chaiabi
    Mouad ChaiabiBulan Yang lalu

    Lewandowski is a goal machine at this point he's no longer human.

  • Pallanti Akb
    Pallanti AkbBulan Yang lalu

    Lewa is at the peak of his powers🔥

    AMOS ARIMOBulan Yang lalu

    Lewandowski best player 2020 period

  • Sublime Music Channel
    Sublime Music ChannelBulan Yang lalu

    Good for Lewandowski that he has teammates for when they're NOT playing some Mickey Mouse Bundesliga side.

  • Slamet Salma
    Slamet SalmaBulan Yang lalu

    Young messi,, sane

  • Tinoto V Chishi
    Tinoto V ChishiBulan Yang lalu

    This team of Bayern will win every cup or trophies in every tournament's and in every leagues if they are allowed to play.

  • Born to lose Live to win
    Born to lose Live to winBulan Yang lalu

    Why is Lewandowski keep doing illuminate symbols in his celebration?? is he one of them ??

  • Lilly Ramesh
    Lilly RameshBulan Yang lalu

    Man sane is becoming insane

  • HaritH
    HaritHBulan Yang lalu

    5-0 and 1:09 video! put highlights not just goals

  • hardlife
    hardlifeBulan Yang lalu

    Sane could be like Robben for Bayern both don’t have a right foot at all but don’t need one

  • Michael Villasis
    Michael VillasisBulan Yang lalu

    Sometimes I just wish Bayern to score more just to hear the goal song.

  • Nikhil Verma
    Nikhil VermaBulan Yang lalu

    Op sane

  • Stanzen Dorjay
    Stanzen DorjayBulan Yang lalu

    I'm loving Jamal play and getting on the score sheet

  • Harihara Sai Mohan
    Harihara Sai MohanBulan Yang lalu

    Sane's goal reminded me of some other number 10

    MF FOOTBALLBulan Yang lalu


  • Swasti Swaroop Swain
    Swasti Swaroop SwainBulan Yang lalu

    With Liverpool, ManCity, Real Madrid,Barca all struggling this German team looks darn good to repeat

  • Azman Abas
    Azman AbasBulan Yang lalu

    Jamal musiala...future england star..😊

  • pertamax gan
    pertamax ganBulan Yang lalu

    Wow, robben aura is strong

  • Brim
    BrimBulan Yang lalu

    At this point you should make a tutorial on the 1min highlights. Most channels say highlights and you have to watch upto 14min of I don't what.

  • Hkmeister
    HkmeisterBulan Yang lalu

    Lewandowski deserve the ballon d'or. (messi fan)

  • dinesh deva
    dinesh devaBulan Yang lalu

    they lost to Frankfurt 5-1 now they won against them 5-0 What a revenge😎😎

  • the best of the best
    the best of the bestBulan Yang lalu

    Farmers League😒

  • Iti Kanji
    Iti KanjiBulan Yang lalu

    Lewangoalski 🎉🎉

  • Archankumar myana
    Archankumar myanaBulan Yang lalu

    Last season frankfurt did the same to bayern. Sweet Revenge!

  • Propaganda F
    Propaganda FBulan Yang lalu

    Sane scoring like that while mahrez and sterling still looking for a space to shoot and gives away the ball 90% of the time the rest 10% are shot to mars

  • Mo. shahan
    Mo. shahanBulan Yang lalu


  • Materia Chris UwU
    Materia Chris UwUBulan Yang lalu


  • Lev1
    Lev1Bulan Yang lalu

    Plz make full highlights not just goals

  • Om Sai Karthik Pasupuleti
    Om Sai Karthik PasupuletiBulan Yang lalu

    Robben's playing disguised as Sane

  • mussa ibrahim
    mussa ibrahimBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine having sane , costa , coman , gnabry damn !!!!

  • Dinpuia Ralte Siakeng
    Dinpuia Ralte SiakengBulan Yang lalu

    Sane's goal reminds me of Robben!!!

  • Juan Arnesus
    Juan ArnesusBulan Yang lalu

    It's just me or not Who think Sane goal look like Robben

  • Mustafa Haider
    Mustafa HaiderBulan Yang lalu

    Arjen Robben would have been so proud 🥺 0:35

  • leonardohouse
    leonardohouseBulan Yang lalu

    It's not Sane, it's hairy Robben

  • Saif Shereen
    Saif ShereenBulan Yang lalu

    Man he has made a daily routine of scoring hattricks

  • Surviving Existence
    Surviving ExistenceBulan Yang lalu

    Lewandowski is a nightmare for opponents.

  • Luyanda Cele
    Luyanda CeleBulan Yang lalu

    Sanè comes from the bench and scores an amazing goal. What a player!

  • Muhammad nadeem
    Muhammad nadeemBulan Yang lalu

    Get well soon phonzie for retaining ucl again

  • Salman Mohammed
    Salman MohammedBulan Yang lalu

    Dream goal for Sane? That was Robben’s bread and butter 🙄

  • Aeryl vales
    Aeryl valesBulan Yang lalu

    Lewandowski and company will win all trophies this season including pokal, UCl , Bundesliga etc......

  • Francis Anesu Phineas Tembo
    Francis Anesu Phineas TemboBulan Yang lalu

    Sane did a robben

  • Indrapras Yumlembam
    Indrapras YumlembamBulan Yang lalu

    nice goal no. 10 worthy successor of Robben

  • 경화
    경화Bulan Yang lalu

    Great Team

  • Abarai Renji
    Abarai RenjiBulan Yang lalu

    Germany seems to be bigger fans of English players than England themselves

  • Zelfi Nopriyansyah
    Zelfi NopriyansyahBulan Yang lalu

    0:35 Sane shoot like a Arjen Robben . I'm Right?

  • Deo Lumoindong
    Deo LumoindongBulan Yang lalu

    Ok now I'll keep tabs on musiala

  • Ashish Bairisetty
    Ashish BairisettyBulan Yang lalu

    Bayern Munich are already 5 years ahead than any other team. The way they are playing is just impeccable.

  • 坂口甲樹
    坂口甲樹Bulan Yang lalu


  • siddharth
    siddharthBulan Yang lalu

    if u give lewy space he is gonna punish u...

    ISHWAR RAMBOBulan Yang lalu


  • Nyx The Fool
    Nyx The FoolBulan Yang lalu

    Lewandowski gave the German 3

  • John Ngatia
    John NgatiaBulan Yang lalu

    The Arjen Roben in Sane

  • Jayanta Borgohain
    Jayanta BorgohainBulan Yang lalu

    Best team in the world right now and Robert is the best player

  • Aboicha Boicha
    Aboicha BoichaBulan Yang lalu

    If Thanos has to stop Lewandowski from scoring, he had to snap his finger twice.

  • Gaijin Hakase
    Gaijin HakaseBulan Yang lalu

    Lewandowski’ hobbies include long walks on the beach and shooting fish in a barrel

  • Keshav Raj
    Keshav RajBulan Yang lalu


  • arrijal rifa'i
    arrijal rifa'iBulan Yang lalu

    when Sane do "Robben" Way

  • Achilles C
    Achilles CBulan Yang lalu

    While Lewandowski is undoubtedly a beast, we must also note Coman's fantastic form. I also like the fact that Costa, Sane, Coman, Gnabry and Musiala will be competing for the 2 winger's spots. Really exciting.

  • Michal Kowal
    Michal KowalBulan Yang lalu

    Tell me Lewandowski isn't best player on the world

  • Fjmg 77
    Fjmg 77Bulan Yang lalu

    Winner of two triplets. World Champion, Champions League Champion, Bundesliga Champion, 26 titles, more than 200 undefeated goals at Bayern Munich. Exquisite game with the feet, stop the unapproachable, save games. Leadership, class, technique, reflexes. Is Manuel Neuer THE BEST GOALKEEPER IN ALL HISTORY?

  • Bayern Munich
    Bayern MunichBulan Yang lalu

    حتى لو لعبنا باحتياط الفريق البايرن لا يهزمون

  • Bayern Munich
    Bayern MunichBulan Yang lalu

    حتى لو كان كل الفريق مصاب البايرن لا يهزمون

  • Jimmy Halpert
    Jimmy HalpertBulan Yang lalu

    Yabba Dabba Doooo

  • Eddy mmm
    Eddy mmmBulan Yang lalu

    German efficiency highlights

  • moses anggiat
    moses anggiatBulan Yang lalu

    The goal of sane remind me of arjen robben goal

    NED FLANDERSBulan Yang lalu


  • mu7emmed
    mu7emmedBulan Yang lalu


  • mu7emmed
    mu7emmedBulan Yang lalu


  • mzpedro
    mzpedroBulan Yang lalu

    that allianz arena home goal music is really annoying lmao

  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas SilvaBulan Yang lalu

    Bayern team is unstoppable

  • Adrian Lam
    Adrian LamBulan Yang lalu

    0:36 Robben?

  • Deiby Amaya
    Deiby AmayaBulan Yang lalu

    Bayern Munich tricampeon De champions

  • Caleb Lim
    Caleb LimBulan Yang lalu

    Hard to imagine that the majority of these players are the same ones in the match that ended 5-1 to Frankfurt last year. Bayern have come a long, long way under Hansi Flick.

  • Deiby Amaya
    Deiby AmayaBulan Yang lalu

    Vamos Bayern Munich por el tricampeonato De champions

  • Mrigank Mookim
    Mrigank MookimBulan Yang lalu

    Lewandowski = at least ten hat tricks

  • shikhaamitsk
    shikhaamitskBulan Yang lalu

    who's the best player in the world- options- A: LEWANDOWSKI B: LEWANGOALSKI C : OTHER(LEWANDOWSKI)

  • Dracarys
    DracarysBulan Yang lalu

    Every goal lewandoski scores is a tight slap to Ballon d'Or ... Robert ...wait for it... Legendoski ... And What goal be sane... I miss serge gnabry. Get well soon serge

  • 27MusicStudio
    27MusicStudioBulan Yang lalu

    Munich harusnya pindah ke liga inggris lur