Free Fight: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje


Khabib Nurmagomedov returned at UFC 254 in October with his undefeated record on the line to face interim lightweight champion Justin Gaethje in an emotional performance.
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  • Админ 1
    Админ 15 menit yang lalu

    Гейдж красавчик.!!! И самый простой и самый лучий

  • CyberRareX
    CyberRareX53 menit yang lalu

    I am proud to say khabib is the ultra legend plus greatest of all time I do not support russia but I have to say that everyone face the truth lol I don't watch ufc khabib made me shock

  • S A H I D G A M E R
    S A H I D G A M E R2 jam yang lalu

    I love You UFC 😤

  • Akshay Pandey
    Akshay Pandey2 jam yang lalu

    Idk why everyone's starts to get dizzy when their opponent is khabib....

  • Marina Maqbool
    Marina Maqbool2 jam yang lalu

    I am a Muslim

    NITISH PANDEY3 jam yang lalu

    This fight is way better than Jake paul vs ben askren fight😂.

  • a r a n
    a r a n4 jam yang lalu

    Most useless corner man "hey........S L O W I T D O W W W W W W N..shut up old man

  • Nico Soprano
    Nico Soprano5 jam yang lalu

    khabib so damn bad fighter xD he can only crawl like a smack down wrestler xD

  • Наргиза Мамадиярова
    Наргиза Мамадиярова5 jam yang lalu

    Хабиб сила

  • Mohamed 5
    Mohamed 55 jam yang lalu

    Khabib is just a legend , respect from morrocco 🇲🇦🇲🇦

  • Nathaniel Luzentales
    Nathaniel Luzentales6 jam yang lalu

    Masterclass. Gaethje's most effective strikes in this fight were the leg kicks, and Khabib timed it perfectly for the final takedown.

  • Mucahit İçen
    Mucahit İçen8 jam yang lalu


  • H Miah
    H Miah9 jam yang lalu

    Justin looked fucked after round 1. Khabs walked away.

  • Hilman Nugraha
    Hilman Nugraha9 jam yang lalu

    Percayalah pertolongan Allah itu akan datang

  • Ron McDon
    Ron McDon9 jam yang lalu

    *nick diaz voice* so we're cutting onions now? stockton!

  • GameMaster
    GameMaster10 jam yang lalu


    SONY SAMSUNG10 jam yang lalu

    Ну Хабиб красавчик

  • Gunawan PGL
    Gunawan PGL10 jam yang lalu

    Good macan dunia

  • Diah Isa
    Diah Isa10 jam yang lalu


  • Willya Rabbani
    Willya Rabbani11 jam yang lalu

    UFC has double standard for fighter, some fighter like Jon Jones has a title champion fight in a few winning streak because his hypetrain, and Khabib has a title champion fight after a lot winning streak, look Connor what numbers winning streak at lightweight? He has a hypetrain at featherweight, and suddenly he go to lightweight and UFC give him title champion lightweight ignoring Khabib and Tony Ferguson? If Khabib or Tony fame and a hypetrain like Jones and Connor on the first move at UFC, and UFC give him title shot from a few winning streak maybe he will defense a lot title champ, Khabib famous after Connors defeat that has two title champ, thats why a lot people think Khabib its a late Champ, and knowing he is a goat from others parameter. The Goat its just not about title defense, we will say Jones have a lucky shot in his first move at UFC about the title

  • Faisal The Fenrir
    Faisal The Fenrir11 jam yang lalu

    I had to rewatch this fight to forget the Ben Askren vs Jake Paul embarrassing match

  • Benja Cárdenas
    Benja Cárdenas11 jam yang lalu


  • Abdupple
    Abdupple12 jam yang lalu


  • Cristian David Maldonado Fonseca
    Cristian David Maldonado Fonseca12 jam yang lalu

    It's a beast, incredible.

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez14 jam yang lalu

    People say there are levels to this game, which is true; however, stars align for those who attempt greatness. Khabib was unstoppable this night. Amazing, amazing, performance! Respect from the 505 Justin! Congrats Khabib!

  • Jakcson
    Jakcson15 jam yang lalu

    can we get that "strikes landed" overlay like... all the time?

  • DJ Avi Keren
    DJ Avi Keren17 jam yang lalu

    Number one in the world the man with all due respect to him a strong brave man and the hero of the world I love Khabib successfully always

  • zwaar master
    zwaar master17 jam yang lalu

    But respect for justin !!!!!!!!!

  • zwaar master
    zwaar master17 jam yang lalu

    First round justin only 25% power 😀😀 ,, khabib 400% power

  • Fun Tube!
    Fun Tube!18 jam yang lalu

    Impressive how Khabib finished his last fight of his career!

  • Denesh Bhaskar
    Denesh Bhaskar19 jam yang lalu

    Justin fought a horrible fight. Seriously he gave khabib way to much respect.

    NAMELESS INTERNET ADDICT19 jam yang lalu


  • Jared Staudigl
    Jared Staudigl20 jam yang lalu

    Tbh he's good but he knows the division and guys he fought have improved. I feel like he ran and this def wasn't the toughest fight for him

  • Stock Market George
    Stock Market George20 jam yang lalu

    Iv never seen Justin gas so fast in my life.

  • Stock Market George
    Stock Market George20 jam yang lalu

    Justin was so ready and focused for this fight. But Khabib literally walked through him. Insane. I hope he comes back for 1 more....

  • Peter Leary
    Peter Leary21 jam yang lalu

    29 is a good number for khabib. its prime, unlinke any other.

  • Ruang Arsy
    Ruang Arsy21 jam yang lalu

    Love Khabib

  • Wrestling Account
    Wrestling Account21 jam yang lalu

    Habib had a lot on his mind. He was just trying to get that fight over with. Overwhelming grief.

  • Jean Xza
    Jean Xza21 jam yang lalu

    "I keep punching him but he keeps coming back for more!"

  • John Chapol
    John Chapol22 jam yang lalu

    Khabib running through the punches like Tony eats Cheerios ! Fearless...

  • Teo Ghemea
    Teo Ghemea23 jam yang lalu

    I hate when khabib getting hurt he always going to the ground like what🙄😡 stay up end fight like a men hes overrated 😏

  • Teo Ghemea

    Teo Ghemea

    17 jam yang lalu

    @yeyo1990 u forgot that doesn't matter how strong u are there's always someone stronger 😂 it applies to everyone!😏 have a great day!

  • Musa Official

    Musa Official

    19 jam yang lalu


  • yeyo1990


    22 jam yang lalu

    It's called MMA for a reason, he is perhaps the only man in the history of combat sports to go undefeated and not take any damage or bleed against an opponent. His dominance will become legend and folklore.

  • dak9554
    dak955423 jam yang lalu

    DO NOT let Khabib get you down. Otherwise, Gaethje could have got him.

  • Planet _X9
    Planet _X9Hari Yang lalu

    туфта бой

  • JimiMcrae
    JimiMcraeHari Yang lalu

    I must have watched this finish 30 times. It's literally fucking crazy how good he is

  • Altamash sameer
    Altamash sameerHari Yang lalu

    Isn't it poetic that jon anik was the one to interview him post his first fight and last fight.

  • Paul Natalz
    Paul NatalzHari Yang lalu


    MAPLE SAUCEHari Yang lalu

    I don't believe Justin did as bad as people imply. The leg kicks were definitely adding up and he was landing some nice hooks. Khabib jab, an pressure was really the factor that tired Justin out. Once it was on the ground tho, you saw the difference. Justin just practiced take down defense and not being on the ground. I wish Khabib kept fighting cause I can't call him the goat, but he's for sure a top 10 fighter of all time.

  • Chris Alan
    Chris AlanHari Yang lalu

    nobody talks about Khabibs chin, greatest chin ever, everytime hes been "hurt" it was honestly just commentary overreacting. GOAT.

  • Adam Alva
    Adam AlvaHari Yang lalu

    great great fighter, but do it 11 more times then we'll talk greatest

  • Idris Shah
    Idris ShahHari Yang lalu

    fucking hell. this was scary. khabib was like a shadow, pressuring justin

  • Merzai Khonger
    Merzai KhongerHari Yang lalu

    Khabib is the best

  • man frombritain
    man frombritainHari Yang lalu

    I suspect Justin was actually very nervous/psyched out going into this. He offered no resistance to the takedown in the second round at all... Adrenal fatigue imo

  • Alan Alanov
    Alan AlanovHari Yang lalu


  • ogie decor
    ogie decorHari Yang lalu


  • Pretty Boy
    Pretty BoyHari Yang lalu

    Gaethje is underrated

  • Niyaz Khan
    Niyaz KhanHari Yang lalu


  • جواد قنبرپور
    جواد قنبرپورHari Yang lalu

    چرا خبیب گریه کرد

  • Jawo Jawo
    Jawo JawoHari Yang lalu

    All mouth Justine..

  • Rizky Firmansyah
    Rizky FirmansyahHari Yang lalu

    Most dominant

  • David Jason Milligan
    David Jason MilliganHari Yang lalu

    Choked him to sleep. Wow

  • David Jason Milligan
    David Jason MilliganHari Yang lalu

    Justin choked so bad!!! Looking tired in the first.. Running and turning his back.

  • Shawn J Woloschuk
    Shawn J WoloschukHari Yang lalu

    Drug test khabib

  • tauseef mohmmed

    tauseef mohmmed

    18 jam yang lalu

    Already 50 times he prove even after retirement

  • Joseph Davidson
    Joseph DavidsonHari Yang lalu

    This is fake fighting. This fight was planned. It was obviously rigged

  • Joseph Davidson
    Joseph DavidsonHari Yang lalu

    Khabib quit like a scared kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye bye quiter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph Davidson
    Joseph DavidsonHari Yang lalu

    Gaejiiii sucks!!!!!! what a terrible fight

  • Anthony Ll
    Anthony LlHari Yang lalu

    Anyone else see the snot coming from out of Justin's nose as he is slept by Khabib?

  • omeer rahman
    omeer rahmanHari Yang lalu

    Justin looked like he got mauled by a bear after the first round. And he was scared that he had to go back and face it again. Poor guy!

  • luk
    lukHari Yang lalu

    Khabib is afraid to get punched and at the same time he cant even throw a punch all he has is wrestling.

  • Uᥰτιᥣ ፐhᥱ ᥎ᥱrγ ᥱᥰᗞ
    Uᥰτιᥣ ፐhᥱ ᥎ᥱrγ ᥱᥰᗞHari Yang lalu

    8:10 wyh not was stopped?

  • SWS-Vlogs
    SWS-VlogsHari Yang lalu

    American vs Dagestan-y wrestling. As Khabib said it.

  • Ahmad Abdullah
    Ahmad AbdullahHari Yang lalu

    I have seen this fight replay several times and I still can't figure out WTH that referee was looking at when Justin was tapping out!!!!

  • Made Infinite
    Made InfiniteHari Yang lalu

    kabob is the most predictable fighter of all time. he would get eaten by Israel 🤣 literally

  • Ridho Herlambang
    Ridho HerlambangHari Yang lalu

    He is the entertainment and tough fighter

  • David Bow Wow
    David Bow WowHari Yang lalu

    Not a scratch on Khabibs face.

  • mellowman1020
    mellowman1020Hari Yang lalu

    Khabib has an underrated chin. I watched the interview with Justin talking about what it was like fighting Khabib and one of the first things he mentioned was how he has a great chin and doesnt look hurt when he hit him with big shots.. Re watched the fight... holy shit justin was hitting him with bombs right on his chin Khabib just shook it off and kept coming forward like it was nothing...

  • Wilman Andrian
    Wilman AndrianHari Yang lalu

    Gaethje looked bigger than Khabib. But the pressure he put on Gaethje, tho. No wonder Gaethje mentioned he’s so strong.

    RANDOMLYHari Yang lalu

    When he set up that triangle we all screamed

  • Tilek Zhusupbekov
    Tilek ZhusupbekovHari Yang lalu

    Ноич оло химор

  • Esmelyn González
    Esmelyn GonzálezHari Yang lalu

    Un peligroso como Justin gaethje dejarse ganar de khabib psssss basura arreglada.

  • 3pasos
    3pasosHari Yang lalu

    ☆☆Number 1...Sorry.☆☆☝️☝️🍻🍻🍻🍻

  • Michał Michael
    Michał MichaelHari Yang lalu

    The coach of gatheje is so rubbish. Change the coach, cause he has not any usuful advice during the game

  • YellowBastard
    YellowBastardHari Yang lalu

    what a irresponsible parents named boy after lamb dish?

  • Emir Kurter
    Emir KurterHari Yang lalu

    Khabib nurmagedov ❤️

  • Haqayeq TV
    Haqayeq TVHari Yang lalu

    Love you bro khabib

  • SLee
    SLeeHari Yang lalu

    If Usman was the one fighting Khabib, Khabib’s foot will be a balloon.

  • Cruso_ 0p
    Cruso_ 0pHari Yang lalu

    Why was he crying in end

  • Wrestling Account

    Wrestling Account

    21 jam yang lalu

    His dad died when he was training for this fight

  • Chandraneev Kashyap
    Chandraneev KashyapHari Yang lalu

    I guess toughest challenge of khabib will be olievera khabib has never fought a grappler though gathje was a wrestler but he hardly uses it

    JUBEL SHAIKH2 hari yang lalu


  • Hassan Rajput
    Hassan Rajput2 hari yang lalu

    What happened bro why are you crying

  • Nihat Eroglu
    Nihat Eroglu2 hari yang lalu

    Khabib baban cenabi Allah in yanindadir üzülme mekani cennet olsun can kardesim.

  • Joey Micael
    Joey Micael2 hari yang lalu

    We miss u Khabib. So grateful to watch your fight.

  • HolySawyer
    HolySawyer2 hari yang lalu

    The ref when justin tapped: Alright ima head out.

  • ida rosidah
    ida rosidah2 hari yang lalu

    Allah menyangimu khabib

  • Syairiadi Adi
    Syairiadi Adi2 hari yang lalu

    Allahu akbar

  • configuration gaming YT
    configuration gaming YT2 hari yang lalu

    Khabib ❤️god of boxer bearman

  • Off_jack
    Off_jack2 hari yang lalu

    A me è sembrata una farsa.....Justin Gaethie molto ma molto più forte nella lotta con i pugni!!!!!!

  • jay B
    jay B2 hari yang lalu


  • Honest Lee
    Honest Lee2 hari yang lalu

    Gaethje put up a really good fight

  • Eddie
    Eddie2 hari yang lalu

    The way he caught that leg after the Calf kick and made it look effortless to get Gaethje into that triangle choke was scary. The man is like a boa constrictor.

  • Pedro de Castro Monteiro
    Pedro de Castro Monteiro2 hari yang lalu

    Khabib Nurmagomedov is The Best in MMA History / 29-0-0