Mortal Kombat (2021) - Official Red Band Trailer


The Mortal Kombat movie reboot from director Simon McQuoid features the defenders of Earthrealm Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs and more entering the Mortal Kombat tournament to save the world from Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero, Mileena and other supernatural kombatants.

This red band Mortal Kombat (2021) trailer shows off why it's rated R.

Mortal Kombat movie release date April 16, 2021.


  • Meng Hao
    Meng Hao17 menit yang lalu

    Hoping Cole Young is a long lost descendant of a survivor of the Shirai Ryu massacre. He definitely looks like he could be Japanese American. That would be an awesome addition and expansion onto Scorpion's tale, and explain why Cole is seeing his ancestor's specter in the mirror.

  • 18ElGHTEEN18
    18ElGHTEEN1823 menit yang lalu

    Rest in peace MMC Reptile you were legend you deserved more screen time. 2021-2021 2:23

  • Ignacio Zepeda
    Ignacio Zepeda24 menit yang lalu


  • MegaMark0000
    MegaMark000038 menit yang lalu

    that "get over here" was weak sauce.

  • RUFF-
    RUFF-39 menit yang lalu

    And throughout all of this, no one but Raiden knew that Bi-Han was the true hero of Earth. Saving them from Shinnok and Quan-Chi and the poor guy dies as a villain in everyone's mind.

  • Me And The Bois YouTube Channel
    Me And The Bois YouTube Channel53 menit yang lalu

    1:40 that’s ether Sub zero , Smoke or Noob Saibot

  • Timothy Gentle
    Timothy GentleJam Yang lalu

    This looks better than the dragon ball z movie

  • Box
    BoxJam Yang lalu

    Petition to put the original theme in it!

  • Tim Herman
    Tim HermanJam Yang lalu

    Who is Jason man?

  • minij hooi

    minij hooi

    48 menit yang lalu

    Is it me or did scorpion sound like Arnold

  • Israel R
    Israel RJam Yang lalu


    DMS STMRJam Yang lalu

    Joe taslim

  • minij hooi

    minij hooi

    47 menit yang lalu

    Wow! My childhood!

  • Praying Mantis
    Praying MantisJam Yang lalu

    Almost forgot to watch this again today

  • Hudmanne
    HudmanneJam Yang lalu

    I’ve watched so many reactions of this trailer and everybody is so excited! People from all. Walks of life. Let’s GO!!! Everybody is ready!!! Sub Zero 🙌!!!!

  • Wyatt Klimas
    Wyatt KlimasJam Yang lalu

    this better have the guy that directed the action in the raid movies

  • Key
    KeyJam Yang lalu

    Omg, yes!!

  • Dud Dudbal
    Dud Dudbal2 jam yang lalu

    Is that Sub Zero is Joe Taslim from The Raid movie??

  • Nicholas Lara
    Nicholas Lara2 jam yang lalu

    Aquele filme bosta que vai ser massa.

  • Shnobbs Studios
    Shnobbs Studios2 jam yang lalu


  • Brent Nomdoe
    Brent Nomdoe2 jam yang lalu

    The only trailer in my life I've re-watched so many times. Can't wait to see Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Luo Kang, Kaong Laou and Raiden in all their glory.

  • {GOD}MODE Yeee
    {GOD}MODE Yeee3 jam yang lalu

    where is noob sibot

  • Bati Theone
    Bati Theone3 jam yang lalu

    best movie of 2021 !

  • Tyler Barclay
    Tyler Barclay3 jam yang lalu

    Who's at 1:39 creeping into the frame?

  • P Lu
    P Lu3 jam yang lalu

    Since when did Kano sound Aussie?

  • Teddy Cobb
    Teddy Cobb4 jam yang lalu

    Wow! My childhood!

  • Kadairo Dugger
    Kadairo Dugger4 jam yang lalu

    Is it me or did scorpion sound like Arnold

  • Brian Dennis
    Brian Dennis4 jam yang lalu

    I'd be a lot more exited for this movie if they hadn't swapped out Johnny Cage for some fanfiction lead character named 'Cole Young'. Might as well have just thrown in Kobra, Jarek and Taven while they were at it.

  • bob Angelo
    bob Angelo4 jam yang lalu

    2:11 “GET ALOHAHERE”

  • PlayStation Professional Streams
    PlayStation Professional Streams5 jam yang lalu

    Looks bad

  • Roland Bishop
    Roland Bishop5 jam yang lalu

    Hanzo Hasashi height is listed at 6'2" the guy playing scorpion in this is 5'7"

  • That Tattoo Guy
    That Tattoo Guy5 jam yang lalu

    So this is going to be rated PG for mild violence right ?

  • Luke Antrobus
    Luke Antrobus5 jam yang lalu

    Was he shooting a laser out of one eye?

  • Mr Master
    Mr Master5 jam yang lalu


  • Kevin Hanley
    Kevin Hanley5 jam yang lalu

    I'm sorry, but how can you have Mortal Kombat without Johnny Cage????????????????????

  • Kevin Hanley

    Kevin Hanley

    5 jam yang lalu

    @Ryan Lauer but he's like a main character

  • Ryan Lauer

    Ryan Lauer

    5 jam yang lalu

    He doesn’t have to be in *this* movie.

  • Ice Empress
    Ice Empress5 jam yang lalu

    Love the original, campy movie (not the sequel, that was LAME). This looks crazy!

  • Argelino Kabylus
    Argelino Kabylus5 jam yang lalu

    7 958 897

  • Samuel
    Samuel5 jam yang lalu

    It is your favourite game! 👇

  • Renato Varnariano
    Renato Varnariano5 jam yang lalu

    Sounds like we have got a pair

  • Manos Seferidis
    Manos Seferidis5 jam yang lalu

    No techno soundtrack?! Disappointing

  • Reprimand
    Reprimand5 jam yang lalu

    With all these masks nowadays, how can we act with just our eyes? Sub-zero: Hold my frosty.

  • Greyfeather08
    Greyfeather086 jam yang lalu

    If one is complaining about representation, I'll cancel and finish (whatever pronoun) off. Mortal Kombat!

  • Philip Mangione
    Philip Mangione6 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else notice subzero voice is a teaser for noob saibot

  • Lel Saas
    Lel Saas6 jam yang lalu

    Skorpion sounds like he is drunk😂

  • Leikar Lam
    Leikar Lam6 jam yang lalu

    One word: epic.

  • Der Kaese
    Der Kaese6 jam yang lalu


  • Trueflight Silverwing
    Trueflight Silverwing6 jam yang lalu

    you can't have a trailer without some version of the song...

  • Yko Eko
    Yko Eko6 jam yang lalu


  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff6 jam yang lalu

    Is Skorpion a protagonist!?

  • Imos Samilov
    Imos Samilov7 jam yang lalu


  • Nerulon Skyven
    Nerulon Skyven7 jam yang lalu

    But where is Scott Adkins ? 😥

  • Rudi Oktarianto
    Rudi Oktarianto7 jam yang lalu

    Orang indo sini ngumpul, kita nobar

  • SlickNinja
    SlickNinja7 jam yang lalu

    They better not make Cole the one who wins instead of Liu Kang

  • Dont Ask
    Dont Ask7 jam yang lalu


  • Laka Candi
    Laka Candi7 jam yang lalu

    sub zero is legend

  • Nick Lesser
    Nick Lesser8 jam yang lalu

    Johnny cage.???

  • Jahongir Nishonov
    Jahongir Nishonov8 jam yang lalu

    How to stop watching this?

  • RL K
    RL K8 jam yang lalu

    The Script A Mafia Story! It's A Movie For Your Mind...Read The New Novel

  • Nathan Velez
    Nathan Velez8 jam yang lalu

    When they fight are they button mashing too?

  • Ronny Dee
    Ronny Dee8 jam yang lalu

    Похоже очередной фейк...Костюмы у ниндзя слабоваты....КОГДА Снимут норм фильм ПРО МОРТАЛ БИТВУ?????

  • hiyansh shah
    hiyansh shah8 jam yang lalu

    Jhonny cage where

  • Jonathan Tyner
    Jonathan Tyner8 jam yang lalu


  • Geo Sechz
    Geo Sechz9 jam yang lalu

    Worst "get over here" in history, plus bad actor face on Raiden one of the most epic characters.

  • Wibowo Halim
    Wibowo Halim9 jam yang lalu

    Keren juga nih

  • Yuvraj Sharma
    Yuvraj Sharma9 jam yang lalu

    Show me one mortal kombat trailer without the get over here. I'll give you a million dollar

  • Juan Acosta
    Juan Acosta9 jam yang lalu


  • Andromeda Alfan
    Andromeda Alfan9 jam yang lalu

    where jhony

  • Rayhan Toys channel
    Rayhan Toys channel9 jam yang lalu


  • Bryan Marvelino
    Bryan Marvelino9 jam yang lalu

    Joe taslim anjay

  • Mor Acro
    Mor Acro9 jam yang lalu

    But where is the song?

  • Lynn khant
    Lynn khant9 jam yang lalu

    Need more Interesting. Need more Asian actors. Need more stronger.

  • Mike Olson
    Mike Olson10 jam yang lalu

    Is that my boy smoke at 1:40 ?

  • Rayhan Toys channel
    Rayhan Toys channel10 jam yang lalu

    Joe taslim terkenal cuy gambar video trailer ini aja SUBZERO

  • Tha investor
    Tha investor10 jam yang lalu

    Movie makers can Yall please please please make a real version of killer instinct

  • supercool 24
    supercool 2410 jam yang lalu

    Why do Scorpian and Sub zero always steal the spotlight?

  • Rayhan Toys channel
    Rayhan Toys channel10 jam yang lalu

    Joe taslim Fast And Forious 6 ada joe taslim Mortal kombat ada joe taslim Joe taslim the beast lah from indonesian

  • DEN N!S
    DEN N!S10 jam yang lalu

    Where's Jason ?????

  • al cipta
    al cipta10 jam yang lalu

    sub zero is so cool but nobody is as lit as scorpion

  • Jjg 1425
    Jjg 142510 jam yang lalu

    Uhm where's Baraka?

  • Error 404
    Error 40410 jam yang lalu

    The game looks more real

  • SumNice G
    SumNice G11 jam yang lalu

    A perfect dragon marking and them really saying Its A BiRtHMaRk

  • Daniel
    Daniel11 jam yang lalu

    Bangga gua anjir ada joe taslim

  • K Medi
    K Medi11 jam yang lalu

    Mantap, Joe Taslim!

  • Debby D
    Debby D11 jam yang lalu

    Raiden seems less masculine here.. and scorpion phrase "get over here" needs a more kick to it.

  • dimon bros
    dimon bros11 jam yang lalu

    Sub zero voice like noob saibot real

  • Gautam Bhagat
    Gautam Bhagat11 jam yang lalu

    Think time has come for subzero to have a comeback to 'come over here'

  • John Larckin
    John Larckin12 jam yang lalu

    aс ↑ b ↑ ba ↓

  • bao xiang
    bao xiang12 jam yang lalu

    Sub Zero fan here 😃

  • blake skeese
    blake skeese12 jam yang lalu

    Loved the original as a kid and the games are great used to watch the cartoon too.

  • blake skeese
    blake skeese12 jam yang lalu

    Im in

  • Szczepan Szczepankiewicz
    Szczepan Szczepankiewicz12 jam yang lalu

    It never ends...

  • Liam Powell
    Liam Powell12 jam yang lalu

    Subzero potentially the coolest name in movie history

  • Harvey C.
    Harvey C.12 jam yang lalu

    1:47 is possibly Johnny Cage fighting Goro.

  • Harvey C.
    Harvey C.12 jam yang lalu

    1:40 is possibly Noob Saibot.

  • Harvey C.
    Harvey C.12 jam yang lalu

    I'd love to see how Nitara looks!

  • Andi H
    Andi H12 jam yang lalu

    Johnny Cage isnt in the movie. Confired by the director. But he will be in a sequel (if it happens).

  • Silenthitman44


    11 jam yang lalu


  • mason b
    mason b12 jam yang lalu

    Where is Jonny cage

  • Venator Isador
    Venator Isador13 jam yang lalu

    Girl: Its a birthmark Jax: what do you mean ? Girl: he was born with it Jax: its not a birthmark Cole Girl: Its a birthmark Jax: its not a birthmark Cole Girl: he was born with it Jax: its not a birthmark Cole Girl: Its a birthmark Jax: what do you mean ? Girl: he was born with it Repeat...

    MAALAM TV13 jam yang lalu

    Where is kitana

  • Spiderversed
    Spiderversed13 jam yang lalu

    Finally Hollywood makes something worth people's time

  • Bearded Dog
    Bearded Dog13 jam yang lalu

    Scott adkins as johnny cage

  • Hannibal
    Hannibal13 jam yang lalu

    Someone in the crowd watching had better be, "whoopsieeeee"