Morrissey - How Soon is Now?


Morrissey performs How Soon is Now? live at Pinkpop


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    Data Lapse2 bulan yang lalu Meteor is murder!

  • 2koolken
    2koolken3 bulan yang lalu

    This song was the theme intro of the #CHARMED🧙‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏼‍♀️ show. I think it was on the network #CW or #WB back in the day around the early 21st century. But now it's the year 2020 and it is on #TNT. It brings back fond memories! #Morrissey #JohnnyMarr #HowSoonIsNow #TheSmiths

  • 2koolken
    2koolken3 bulan yang lalu

    Wow! This video🎥 is over 14 years old. #IDdown🎦 was a baby🚼 back then - only a year old - before "#GoogleTube"📽️ took over.😒 Ah, the good old days.😌

  • Jhoselyn magaly
    Jhoselyn magaly4 bulan yang lalu


  • slinky crown
    slinky crown7 bulan yang lalu

    Nice brother

  • Lee Walters
    Lee Walters7 bulan yang lalu

    Yes correct this is undoubtedly one of the best songs of all time. This man is a song writing legend. Quite cool too OMG!

  • Lee Walters
    Lee Walters8 bulan yang lalu

    Is Morrissey one of the coolest guys of all time then? What a songwriter! Unbelievable talent!

  • Voxac100b
    Voxac100b10 bulan yang lalu

    The guitar riff is totally off key

  • Worldzworstgamer
    Worldzworstgamer11 bulan yang lalu

    I think people of newer generations need to see The Wedding Singer and then maybe this would be getting more views.

  • Ron Coram
    Ron CoramTahun Yang lalu

    Absolutely f**king superb!! Well, what do you expect from Manchester (God's country).

  • Carolina Valdivia
    Carolina ValdiviaTahun Yang lalu

    2019 y sigue siendo un hit 👌

  • Worldzworstgamer
    WorldzworstgamerTahun Yang lalu

    Why the **** was I dealing with idiots for decades when I could have been chilling at this concert possibly? Priorities ... I can have them for the future but tough .... but for others reading this please live life to the fullest and cut the cancer out of your life quick and enjoy it.

  • Arpi MorFischer
    Arpi MorFischerTahun Yang lalu

    My favorite Smiths song

  • Robert Skelly
    Robert SkellyTahun Yang lalu

    They really love the guy

  • stevie m
    stevie mTahun Yang lalu

    What a legend Straight from a snooker tournament to entertaining thousands

  • Steven Morris
    Steven MorrisTahun Yang lalu

    He's still got after all these years since the early 1980s. What a voice he has

  • Moonbabie Factor
    Moonbabie Factor2 tahun yang lalu

    1:08 hahahahahahaha xD

  • Nikki Diamond-Christudas
    Nikki Diamond-Christudas3 tahun yang lalu

    His voice is eerie, too good

  • Aleksandar Ciric
    Aleksandar Ciric3 tahun yang lalu


  • Dennis Morris
    Dennis Morris4 tahun yang lalu

    i luv his style vain and melodramatic and weary...

  • Dennis Morris
    Dennis Morris4 tahun yang lalu

    one of the greatest songs of all time!

  • Marlene N
    Marlene N4 tahun yang lalu

    2:14-2:34 though

  • Ntinouitina Stavropoulou
    Ntinouitina Stavropoulou4 tahun yang lalu

    i was there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob Ott
    Rob Ott4 tahun yang lalu

    👻👍💩. ❤️

  • A Na
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  • Arte Delint
    Arte Delint4 tahun yang lalu

    saw him once more on Dec 31th in L.A.

  • ken C.D
    ken C.D4 tahun yang lalu

    Awesome ! You guys are rock gods !

  • tuber00009
    tuber000095 tahun yang lalu

    Morrisey really cracks me up. Does anyone else think he looks a bit cross-eyed and confused sometimes?

  • jamezheart
    jamezheart5 tahun yang lalu

    Respect !!!

  • Scotty Russell Music
    Scotty Russell Music5 tahun yang lalu

    nice gong at the end there

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin5 tahun yang lalu

    Lucky enough to have seen him perform this song live, 2009 in Belfast, just saw him again in Belfast in February and he's sounding just as good as ever.

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin5 tahun yang lalu

    His band are embarrassing in comparison to Marr and his.

  • frisby81


    4 tahun yang lalu


  • SmittyHeWasNumber1
    SmittyHeWasNumber15 tahun yang lalu

    Any relation to Jim Backus?

  • Renato Curtis O'Demei
    Renato Curtis O'Demei5 tahun yang lalu

    Morrisgay is fuck

  • Bill Young
    Bill Young5 tahun yang lalu

    Currently 78 people are criminally vulgar

  • DivaRemy
    DivaRemy5 tahun yang lalu

    #charmed brought me here.

  • Jenna Sipos
    Jenna Sipos6 tahun yang lalu

    I love that he actually goes down and touches the hands of the extreme fans honestly that is just the best! I love Mozza

  • James Weirick
    James Weirick6 tahun yang lalu

    Morrissey can bring it. Great song.

  • angelo gomes
    angelo gomes6 tahun yang lalu


  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones6 tahun yang lalu

    gay song.. and voice

  • Charlie Jones

    Charlie Jones

    6 tahun yang lalu

    yes I do you dopey lib

  • MaryJane Ramos

    MaryJane Ramos

    6 tahun yang lalu

    You obviously don't know what good music is

  • ParagonRex


    6 tahun yang lalu

    Gay commenter!

  • Paulina Porizkova

    Paulina Porizkova

    6 tahun yang lalu

    Creo q tu T odias

  • Maggie Black
    Maggie Black7 tahun yang lalu

    @amartinblueplanet Why I actually hear that he says "thank you" to the man?

  • Yvette Gonzales
    Yvette Gonzales7 tahun yang lalu

    Amazing song and voice

  • Je Ol
    Je Ol7 tahun yang lalu

    Amazing song!

  • Mark Redding
    Mark Redding7 tahun yang lalu

    Marr, the real king of the guitar

  • amartinblueplanet
    amartinblueplanet7 tahun yang lalu

    Listen carefully at 2:49 --> " could meet somebody (BUT YOU) who really loves you..." The "but you" he's throwing at the thug guard who's manhandling the fan.

  • Voxac100b


    3 tahun yang lalu

    amartinblueplanet He says Thank you twice and said it before he shakes hands. MOZ what a guy

  • Tidy Eye
    Tidy Eye7 tahun yang lalu

    I like the dancing

  • Sergio Prudencio
    Sergio Prudencio7 tahun yang lalu

    I am totally agree because Morrissey is a poet of new songs...

  • Alexander Pacheco
    Alexander Pacheco7 tahun yang lalu

    You kidding right? John is a genious too... both are good, and prince is a legend.

  • oodelallyoodelally Gollywhataday
    oodelallyoodelally Gollywhataday7 tahun yang lalu

    Well obviously but it's still fantastic.

  • JeffTheNebraskaDJ
    JeffTheNebraskaDJ7 tahun yang lalu

    How about this sheikishly chic? First class all the way, the dj

  • Go Jump
    Go Jump7 tahun yang lalu

    Did you really mean "Shabby Sheik"? Or "Shabby Chic"? lol

  • JeffTheNebraskaDJ
    JeffTheNebraskaDJ7 tahun yang lalu

    You are correct: Casual dress this time for Morrissey, Bow Tie, Nice shirt, Suit Jacket and Slacks. His Shabby Sheik look this time. Still looks CLASSY!! Thanks and God Bless you all, the dj

  • Ligma
    Ligma7 tahun yang lalu

    Not a three piece.

  • Ligma
    Ligma7 tahun yang lalu

    Thank you for feeding the troll.

  • Alyona Yarushina
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  • Natalia Skaf
    Natalia Skaf7 tahun yang lalu

    Amo este tema

  • Gatatheringg
    Gatatheringg7 tahun yang lalu

    El Sr. Morrisey se intoxicó por comer Penne

  • Kristina Goatley
    Kristina Goatley7 tahun yang lalu

    Sexy sex

  • J
    J7 tahun yang lalu

    he got that from a fraking key of awesome video.

  • coltsuperocean10
    coltsuperocean107 tahun yang lalu

    ...simply the coolest rock star ever! Morrissey is as cool as fuck!

  • John bobbitybingbangboom
    John bobbitybingbangboom7 tahun yang lalu

    Was? He's not dead...

  • Pillow Power
    Pillow Power7 tahun yang lalu

    That depends on taste, my good sir! ;-)

  • Arpi MorFischer
    Arpi MorFischer7 tahun yang lalu

    Absolutely Smiths song nr. 1. The godfather of Britpop indeed still rocks as another more smashing rocksong Ganglord proves. Thanks for posting

  • Junior oliveira
    Junior oliveira7 tahun yang lalu

    É tocante o carinho de Morrissey por seus fãs!

  • TheConanRider
    TheConanRider7 tahun yang lalu

    Watch this and you will understand /watch?v=vNzAztSyHrE

  • Mizylda
    Mizylda7 tahun yang lalu

    damn, sucks for you. Maybe if you weren't talking shit about everyone, someone would give you a chance.

  • Stefan Perunicic
    Stefan Perunicic7 tahun yang lalu

    This remind of charmed!!! I found it ,YEAH!!!!! :D

  • Jason Kimes
    Jason Kimes7 tahun yang lalu

    i am Morrissey and I'm depressed! it's cause I never ever have sex.

  • John Doe
    John Doe7 tahun yang lalu

    Did... did he fart at 3:03?

  • shone1178
    shone11787 tahun yang lalu


  • Gaby Marquez
    Gaby Marquez7 tahun yang lalu

    I'm not going to ruin a morrissey's video with a offensive comment you don't worth it

  • shone1178
    shone11787 tahun yang lalu

    That is what a gay man would say...

  • Gaby Marquez
    Gaby Marquez7 tahun yang lalu

    in fact, i'am a woman..

  • shone1178
    shone11787 tahun yang lalu

    You maybe a gay man are...

  • Gaby Marquez
    Gaby Marquez7 tahun yang lalu

    How a gay men can excited me this way???

  • curliefro
    curliefro7 tahun yang lalu

    Morrissey oozes the SEX!!!

  • Abdulaziz Aleid
    Abdulaziz Aleid7 tahun yang lalu

    hey! , it's my opinion !

  • John Rush
    John Rush7 tahun yang lalu

    You shut your mouth, how can you say? I go about things the wrong way.

  • ecdctechmma
    ecdctechmma7 tahun yang lalu

    this guys must get all the gay guys on the planet

  • Labatt35
    Labatt357 tahun yang lalu

    The best.

  • abigail hernandez
    abigail hernandez7 tahun yang lalu

    are you out of your fuckin' mind!!!!!morrisey version is the best ever m.f.!!!!

  • Abdulaziz Aleid
    Abdulaziz Aleid7 tahun yang lalu

    t.A.T.u's version is the best

  • truthserum2000
    truthserum20007 tahun yang lalu

    Excellent! Thanks for posting this!

  • ImDoNuRmom
    ImDoNuRmom7 tahun yang lalu

    Morrissey is a God!

  • Isabellasnchhez
    Isabellasnchhez7 tahun yang lalu

    My dad loves this song

  • Max Smith
    Max Smith7 tahun yang lalu

    As good as anything Elton John has done? Are you joking? Morrissey is a gazillion times better than Elton John, and Prince. In my opinion. (Most definitely better than Elton John) :)

  • Sabrina Spellman
    Sabrina Spellman8 tahun yang lalu


  • Mitzel plik
    Mitzel plik8 tahun yang lalu


  • Christian Machado
    Christian Machado8 tahun yang lalu

    Truth and love in sound. His lyrics are like a Van gogh painting. Deep with an understanding of energy.

  • Zangief157
    Zangief1578 tahun yang lalu


  • Don Key
    Don Key8 tahun yang lalu

    61 people aren't getting looooved.

  • Syndogon
    Syndogon8 tahun yang lalu

    I know I'm suppose to appreciate the original, but I like Snake River Conspiracy's version.

  • candrew14
    candrew148 tahun yang lalu

    2:54 - been wondering what Prime Minister Blair has been up to.

  • iloverainynights
    iloverainynights8 tahun yang lalu

    I am human and I need to be looooved.

  • Joe Stechnij
    Joe Stechnij8 tahun yang lalu

    Sorry to you Morrissey haters but this is just as good as anything Prince or Elton has ever done and you know it.

  • Cwings
    Cwings8 tahun yang lalu

    How very english he is.

  • Vienna Sylvian
    Vienna Sylvian8 tahun yang lalu

    May god forgive for what i am about to say but, me but i DON'T believe in organised religion lol...But,if i was that guy who actually got to touch him i would had bow down to "The Master" and then cried like a 3 year old ha ha ha

  • Vienna Sylvian
    Vienna Sylvian8 tahun yang lalu

    Ha Ha Ha i love it when all people can think about is how 'HOT" he is per say lol...He is One if NOT the only freaking artist in the world with an amazing voice and talent that can expand 13 lives over,He is just by far "The One'. I love him and not cause he is hot lol but,cause his music and lyrics have helped me get trough a lot of hard times in my life. : )

  • silke
    silke8 tahun yang lalu

    certainly if they keep the re-runs of charmed going :D

  • Dan Lord
    Dan Lord8 tahun yang lalu

    Genius song