Morrissey - Maladjusted (Live in Firenze, July 11th 2012)



  • Anonymous
    AnonymousTahun Yang lalu

    I guess they’re going to cut their dicks off to now

  • Anonymous
    AnonymousTahun Yang lalu

    Why is boz wearing drag?

  • Ben Clift
    Ben Clift4 tahun yang lalu

    Full marks to Rosie O'Donnell filling in for Boz

  • Jimmy Conway

    Jimmy Conway

    2 tahun yang lalu

    Johnny Strabler brother every time I watch this I laugh hysterically at this comment from you. Thank you. Fucking brilliant!

  • Wim Janssen
    Wim Janssen4 tahun yang lalu

    Super quality video, thank you!!

  • Viva Hate
    Viva Hate8 tahun yang lalu

    bellissima anche questa versione fatta a Firenze.....e bella ripresa di video,complimenti!

  • Francisco Cantolan
    Francisco Cantolan8 tahun yang lalu

    SOMEtimes when all that rage is inside me, I want to wail it all out like the feedback on 'Maladusted'...truly Alain Whyte's greatest song ever written on guitar..too bad he is not on this live version.

  • gretchenraine
    gretchenraine8 tahun yang lalu

    It doesn't even sound live. It sounds like record. That's amazing.

  • Emily k
    Emily k8 tahun yang lalu

    complimenti per il video è bellissimo! ti volevo chiedere se avevi ripreso anche People Are The Same Everywhere, perchè in quella canzone ho dato a Morrissey il libro "Camere Separate" di PV Tondelli e mi piacerebbe rivedere molto quel momento! grazie ;)

  • poorringo
    poorringo8 tahun yang lalu

    Amazing. One of my favorite Moz tracks and he nailed it in this performance. Excellent video thanks mate.