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Animated by Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman (@Wonchop) asdfmovie merch (
Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (@TomSka)
Co-Written by Eddie ‘Eddache’ Bowley (@Eddache)
Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
With Alto Sax by Chris Carlier (
Featuring Chris Alex ( FilmCow_Chris)
Chris Bingham ( helloiambing)
Anna 'BrizzyVoices' Brisbin (@Brizzy Voices)
Chloe ‘ScarfDemon’ Dungate (@ScarfDemon)
Brian David Gilbert (@brian david gilbert)
Stefan Johnson ( S_johnson_voice)
Daniel J Layton (@Daniel J. Layton)
Phil 'AmazingPhil' Lester (@AmazingPhil)
and Rik Bowley ( rikbowley)
Secondary Channel (@DarkSquidge)
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  • Pro s plays is here
    Pro s plays is here2 jam yang lalu

    Of coarse baby’s are idiots

  • Arctic WolfYT
    Arctic WolfYT2 jam yang lalu


  • Slimes99
    Slimes992 jam yang lalu

    "Aw what kind of dog is he?" "He's Japanese" "横糸"

  • The fox {dr.k}
    The fox {dr.k}2 jam yang lalu

    *oh no!!!!!!!!!!* *i am still alive* *a boy(ball) came out* *my son!!!* *weef* *aw* *the earth die*

  • Toby Harness
    Toby Harness2 jam yang lalu

    Where do baby's come from? Our mystery has been solved… *b a b y g u n*

  • Catherine Arnold
    Catherine Arnold2 jam yang lalu

    I've been watching these since I was 14 and still love them just as much today. ❤ please never stop making these

  • Gabriel Green
    Gabriel Green2 jam yang lalu

    anyone else see the face between the hands of the two guys in scene 1

  • steezyyy
    steezyyy3 jam yang lalu

    So old, yet so young

  • Epic Games
    Epic Games3 jam yang lalu

    The series has RETURNED

  • C. Staddon
    C. Staddon3 jam yang lalu

    Roblox when you get hurt 1:47

  • TheReal Kitty
    TheReal Kitty3 jam yang lalu

    I've been waiting all this time. Finally!

  • the quiet kid
    the quiet kid4 jam yang lalu

    "Aww what type of dog is he?" "He's Korean." "namu kkeobjil."

  • Jaime Borges
    Jaime Borges4 jam yang lalu

    High five... HUNDRED!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! [figh fiving rapid]

  • Samcraft_10
    Samcraft_104 jam yang lalu

    0:57 "That’s my boy!" *Kicks the ball* "No, my boy!!" "Father, HELP!"

  • Zane The Amaze
    Zane The Amaze4 jam yang lalu

    This series is as old as me😂

  • Boyohboymylifeiswierd .
    Boyohboymylifeiswierd .4 jam yang lalu

    I’ve also decided to watch this series backwards

  • Boyohboymylifeiswierd .
    Boyohboymylifeiswierd .4 jam yang lalu

    I turned on captions and the intro said ridiculously funky music Deaf people: jamming

  • Shadow__ Wolf14__
    Shadow__ Wolf14__5 jam yang lalu

    Asdfmovie will n e v e r die

    SESSHOMARU3INUTAISHO5 jam yang lalu

    Well looks like he got the best joke in there somehow

  • TheEndDragon
    TheEndDragon5 jam yang lalu

    I swear if the series ends with the same joke just modified as the first ever joke I am going to cry (if you don’t get it it’s because the vid ended with the “got ya nose” joke but just modified)

  • It's Skyler's World
    It's Skyler's World5 jam yang lalu

    The put your hands down im gay is for a no reason

  • Joshua Blanchette
    Joshua Blanchette6 jam yang lalu

    At long last, asdf movie 13.

  • Team Tesmanian
    Team Tesmanian6 jam yang lalu

    Larray: I have a Boyfriend

  • Australian Man
    Australian Man6 jam yang lalu

    "What kind of dog is he?" "He's French." "WUEOF."

  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang6 jam yang lalu

    Where is I like trains gender person?

  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang6 jam yang lalu

    Man: What’s for dinner? Man 2: *loads fun* Man: My FaVoRiTe

  • Ibban agharru
    Ibban agharru6 jam yang lalu

    Make an indonesian subtitle pls

    XZZRZ6 jam yang lalu


  • MR. Blåck.Røse
    MR. Blåck.Røse6 jam yang lalu

    I ship so bad 1:42

  • unofficial 2048 tiles
    unofficial 2048 tiles6 jam yang lalu


  • Samuel Walter
    Samuel Walter6 jam yang lalu

    Aw what kind of dog is he? He’s Swedish “Börk”

  • ForTheWayde
    ForTheWayde6 jam yang lalu

    *you’re not gonna grow up*

  • Ellie Nub 13
    Ellie Nub 137 jam yang lalu

    What king of dog is he? He's Czech kůra

  • xd_chicxen
    xd_chicxen7 jam yang lalu

    0:10 my favourite

  • Lian the Hedgehog
    Lian the Hedgehog7 jam yang lalu

    “da- da- *DaDdY~”*

  • Cinnamon Toast Boi
    Cinnamon Toast Boi7 jam yang lalu


  • Doge Gaming
    Doge Gaming7 jam yang lalu

    1:48 out of context...

  • Jayna McCracken
    Jayna McCracken8 jam yang lalu

    YEESSSSS FINALLY ANOTHER!! I've been waiting for another for so long! Thank you so much!! Can you guys make more desmond the moon bear? That would be EPIC!!!!!!

  • Samcraft_10
    Samcraft_108 jam yang lalu

    1:44 "C'mon, everybody, do the whale dance!" (Whale crushes the man) "AAEUUUUUUUUUUUUU-"

  • Conner H
    Conner H8 jam yang lalu

    Then Someone Falls On The Person Who Said Everyone’s Gay Killing Him

  • Conner H
    Conner H8 jam yang lalu

    In ASDFmovie14 Someone:Everyone’s Gay Everyone Else:DIE!

  • memetea:3
    memetea:38 jam yang lalu

    "YOUVE GOT TOO MANY LEGS" best insult ive ever heard of, this deserves an emmy and an oscar

  • ThatDude101
    ThatDude1018 jam yang lalu

    i love this

  • FlameR3X
    FlameR3X9 jam yang lalu


  • Magma Miner
    Magma Miner9 jam yang lalu


  • Kira.
    Kira.9 jam yang lalu

    High five, M I L L I O N

  • Felix Ningiuruvik
    Felix Ningiuruvik9 jam yang lalu

    hihihihi guy: got ur nose hihi boi: wat's a nose *deep depresion noise*

  • Crazy Raccoon
    Crazy Raccoon9 jam yang lalu

    0:11 I hate the internet because they made daddy a dirty word why a innocent word like daddy a dirty word I used to call my dad that so why internet

  • Jace Tout
    Jace Tout9 jam yang lalu

    It took me 3 times watching to relize 0:14 is Brian David Gilbert

  • Facu the comic
    Facu the comic10 jam yang lalu

    Congrats on 6.69 millions subs

  • Ben Hort
    Ben Hort10 jam yang lalu

    "Oh noo Im still alive" *opens mouth* *gunshot

  • kyle Sims
    kyle Sims10 jam yang lalu

    Can everyone agree that the whale is james from the odd1sout

  • Silk
    Silk10 jam yang lalu

    yas its back

  • joejacjam
    joejacjam10 jam yang lalu

    lmagine if aII humans died and this is the only proof that we existed..

  • Mrgamer_man0928
    Mrgamer_man092810 jam yang lalu

    I was cracking up on the “Are you ready to die?” scene.

  • *Grell' Sutcliff*
    *Grell' Sutcliff*10 jam yang lalu

  • Griselda Cordoba
    Griselda Cordoba10 jam yang lalu

    Da Da Daddy oh

  • Ema Solorio
    Ema Solorio10 jam yang lalu

    guy:hey uh, about your new gf the other guy:what about her? guy: she's punching a horse karen: you've got too many legs!

  • ArtisticArtist
    ArtisticArtist11 jam yang lalu

    0:51 my life in a nutshell.

  • Guillermo Lugo Guevara
    Guillermo Lugo Guevara11 jam yang lalu

    1:00 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Guillermo Lugo Guevara
    Guillermo Lugo Guevara11 jam yang lalu


  • RatherRandom
    RatherRandom11 jam yang lalu


  • Ilhan Smajlović
    Ilhan Smajlović11 jam yang lalu

    Well that was....COLD 0:44

  • Max Kern
    Max Kern11 jam yang lalu

    I was really excited and couldn’t wait for asdfmovie13 and here I am watching it a month after it came out .-.

  • Untitled goose Gamer
    Untitled goose Gamer11 jam yang lalu


  • Connor Caquelin
    Connor Caquelin12 jam yang lalu


  • LOCKSTAR 789
    LOCKSTAR 78912 jam yang lalu

    Marshmallow Man its so cute

  • Robin Gacha
    Robin Gacha12 jam yang lalu

    -Hey Mr.Guse, what are you doing whit that nose? *Strange sound -Ah

    ALEXANDER CARRILLO12 jam yang lalu


  • Fureot
    Fureot13 jam yang lalu

    "Aww what type of dog is he?" "hes a dog" "Woof"

  • Yendry Abreu
    Yendry Abreu13 jam yang lalu

    This is Tom form eddworls

  • Candle Light
    Candle Light13 jam yang lalu

    These are getting darker and I love it

  • Zane The Amaze
    Zane The Amaze13 jam yang lalu

    Girl: “when I grow up I wanna be a doctor just like you!” Doctor: “awwww your not gonna grow up..” Idk why I died from that😂

  • CD - RxR Sharkex777Gaming
    CD - RxR Sharkex777Gaming13 jam yang lalu

    What's for dinner? *Shows Tummy gun * (the Tummy gun.. Who noticed

  • Javarie Turner
    Javarie Turner14 jam yang lalu

    karens in a nutshell 0:32

  • Jeremy Hubbert
    Jeremy Hubbert14 jam yang lalu

    “Muffin time the game is out” Random guy: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Minecraft McMineface
    Minecraft McMineface14 jam yang lalu

    My favourite quote from this is: You've got to may legs!

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma
    Zenitsu Agatsuma14 jam yang lalu

    Is no one gonna care about the poor goose that *committed suicide*

  • xsonicx2010x Daws
    xsonicx2010x Daws14 jam yang lalu

    Awww what kind of dog is he He's Spanish Guau

  • -GOD-GEAR-
    -GOD-GEAR-15 jam yang lalu

    1:07 Everybody to the flop joins again Me: FINALLY

  • dryan671
    dryan67115 jam yang lalu


  • Christian Durr
    Christian Durr15 jam yang lalu

    ASDFmovie unlucky 13

  • Reptilistmaster
    Reptilistmaster16 jam yang lalu

    the real reason i was punching that horse: i got stepped on by one once.

  • BlazePlayz
    BlazePlayz16 jam yang lalu

    "Do you want to die?" "no" "Understandeble. Have a great day."

  • Anna Maria - Skolmi
    Anna Maria - Skolmi17 jam yang lalu

    i waited 1 year for this....

  • AB - 04FM 837679 Chris Hadfield PS
    AB - 04FM 837679 Chris Hadfield PS17 jam yang lalu


  • Aaimns Imnr
    Aaimns Imnr17 jam yang lalu

    Da- da- daddy~ oh Imagine saying that to your Anime simp

  • Menna Mohammad
    Menna Mohammad18 jam yang lalu

    Imagine getting rejected by a fridge and knowing that that fridge has a boyfriend while you don't

  • TheRobotGamer7
    TheRobotGamer718 jam yang lalu

    Honestly it’s not as funny as the previous ones

  • Tetris Pacman チャンネル
    Tetris Pacman チャンネル18 jam yang lalu


  • Tristan Larsen
    Tristan Larsen19 jam yang lalu

    "What kind of dog is he?" "He's Chinese." "Chin cheng hanji..."

  • Какой-то чебурек
    Какой-то чебурек19 jam yang lalu

    "aww, what's kind of dog is he?" "Russian." "Гав"

  • TypiAsia
    TypiAsia20 jam yang lalu

    *how did they make the clapping noise for the first one*

  • Norman Libid
    Norman Libid21 jam yang lalu

    I bought muffin time game

  • MomcomeplckYT
    MomcomeplckYT21 jam yang lalu


  • GuernseyTube Or Mini Crewmate
    GuernseyTube Or Mini Crewmate22 jam yang lalu

    What I think the goose did with the noose Duck: *turns into a noose*

  • Golden Chips Empire
    Golden Chips Empire23 jam yang lalu

    1:24 Weif!

  • Brian Benfield
    Brian Benfield23 jam yang lalu

    asdfmovie. The only thing that takes my mind off Covid.

  • Mami Mama
    Mami Mama23 jam yang lalu

    So uhhhh when is asdf movie 14 comin

  • Neon


    16 jam yang lalu

    when it does

  • Ghost Rider9727
    Ghost Rider972723 jam yang lalu

    1:07-1:15 me trying to do an all nighter