'Walk in my Shoes' series for professional advisors

Walk in my Shoes series: Application of technology - connecting donors/philanthropists with charities. Data driving the world of impact.
Listen as our Board member Cath Dovey, Co-Founder, Beacon Collaborative; Sanjay Joshi Co-Founder, SoGive; Billy Wright, Non -executive Director, BREVIO, our Board member Darshita Gillies, Founder and CEO, Maanch, and Dan Kwiatkowski, Freelance data Scientist and Fellow of Newspeak House, Charity Base, about how technology might be used to support philanthropists and new donors to connect to philanthropic opportunities, creating efficient pathways for donors and charities.

This 'show and tell' conversation has developed from the emergence of a number of new technology and data solutions. We wish for the audience to learn about the current platforms and innovations in a show and tell session.