The Cat Raised by a Mouse

Hewan & Peliharaan

Phil's origin story... The Cat Raised by Mice
Turn on Closed Captions for Phil’s commentary.
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Talent: Robert Fleet, Joe Coffey, Robert Ramirez, Robert Broski, Jason Songer Sr., Michael Conrad Danheiser, Victor Urban Picazo and Madisen Hill, Jake Rohr, Bri Ana Wagner, Patrick Shannon, Pascal Nagata, Naila Macias, Dulce Garcia, Alessandro Garcia, Mary Herlihy, Lorenzo Anzoleaga, Rhys Duffy, Michelle Benitez, Danny Hauger, Dominic, Biani Benitez & Nathan Jackson,

Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew, Jay W, Mark S
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Ben Klewais, Natalia Raz, Narendra Moond, CGVFX
Production: Rhys Duffy, Daniel Benitez, Lorenzo Anzoleaga, Lance B. Witmer
Production Coordinator: Lance B. Witmer
Special Thanks to GEEZERS Restaurant in Santa Fe Springs!


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    me g8ful 2 kno phil

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    Hi micheal

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    It's very sad, yet funny, a 50/50 comedy/drama

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    How did that cat survived that

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    James GarciaJam Yang lalu

    That was so sad it made me cry

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    11:24 they ganna be back

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    I don’t like the human Phil was raised by mise

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    4:56 same but my heart broken

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    2:31 im about to cry

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    Lavena EdwardsJam Yang lalu

    Little kitty I feel bad nobody wants him and I almost cried the man who picked him I would have pictures

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    this made me cry

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    the boy who was saying "Kitty Kitty" and the mom saying no it a box me thinking "that kids going to call kittens boxes and boxes kittens

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    I cried so much.

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    King Colin2 jam yang lalu

    🖕 that stupid cat for almost killing those mice it literally made me cry but when I saw that the mice survived I was so relieved

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    NotRyuu2 jam yang lalu

    I thought the old dude would understand the situation and just free the mouse

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    Lie its a hamster nice try

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    6:07 i love it

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    should've ended at 1:22 or 1:38

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    Pobrecito el garito que bonito

    CAT QUEEN3 jam yang lalu

    Aquí les dejo para los que quieran un libro para saber más sobre sus gatos...

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    The mouse is squirrel of i take i too

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    cat be like: da da da daaaa

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    History of Chipflake.

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    I’m sorry but how did everyone burst into tears this isn’t even like the type of video to make someone sob or sum 💀

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    that is a hamster not a mouse

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    i was so sad in the start

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    1:20. When you now that cat anit going to survive but somehow he does

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    Who in the world would assassinate his old family Edit: I decided after that I would watch the whole thing and realized that Phil's 1st family wasn't dead

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  • Julia Zaeni
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    And can i at least have 2 comments? By other people :(



    8 jam yang lalu

    I mean dude he just destroyed property and the owner let him stay ;-; T>T its too funny

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    3:49 This part is where you accidentally took off you golden armor next to a lot of piglins in minecraft.

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