Lara vs Castano FULL FIGHT: March 2, 2019 - PBC on Showtime


(March 2, 2019) Former 154-pound world champion Erislandy Lara and WBA Super Welterweight Champion Brian Castaño fought to a highly competitive split-draw Saturday at Barclays Center, the home of BROOKLYN BOXING™, in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions. With the draw, Castaño retains the WBA belt in what was the toughest test of his career against the longtime top 154-pounder in Lara. The judges scored the fight 115-113 (Castaño), 115-113 (Lara) and 114-114.
Castaño (15-0-1, 11 KOs), who was fighting in his first U.S. main event, held a large advantage in power connects (181-103) while Lara (25-3-3, 14 KOs) found success landing his left hand down the middle on his way to a 34 percent to 27 percent advantage in power accuracy.
In the close, difficult-to-score fight, five of the rounds were separated by three or fewer connects and three of those rounds favored Lara. In the final two rounds, Castaño ramped up the pressure and connected on 44 punches, while Lara landed only 24 punches across the championship rounds. Castaño won the final three rounds on all three judges' scorecards. Without doing so, the Argentine would have lost his belt.
After the hotly contested fight, both fighters have options, including a rematch, in the talent-rich super welterweight division.
"I know I won the fight. I feel I was robbed," a disappointed Castaño told SHOWTIME's Jim Gray. "If he wants the rematch, I'll give him the rematch. I waited for him this time so I can wait for him again if he wants the rematch. I would give him the rematch if he wants. I can also go ahead and fight any other champion that wants to fight me. I'm ready for whoever they put in front of me. Hurd or anyone else."
Lara, on the other hand, felt he did enough to claim the belt: "I thought I won the fight by landing the more accurate and effective punches. Castaño came to fight but he never hurt me and I hurt him. All I can do is give the fans great fights and that's what I'll continue to do. I have a lot of fight left in me and I'm not going anywhere.
"If we have to fight him again, I'll fight him. Hurd or Castaño. Anybody, I'll have the rematch with both."
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  • BigMoneySouthpaw
    BigMoneySouthpaw4 jam yang lalu

    Castano is nice, but I just don’t see him beating Charlo... 🦁

  • HuGo J
    HuGo J15 jam yang lalu

    Era de Castaño, el que más propuso y fue hacia adelante, el "campeón" se dedico a correr

    EDGAR SILVA19 jam yang lalu

    Ese erislandy lara no da espectáculo puro correr no tiene vida guien paga para verlo

  • HuGo J

    HuGo J

    15 jam yang lalu

    Toda la razón, pero para un mexicano o sudamericano aburre ese estilo, pero así es la escuela cubana.

  • S K
    S KHari Yang lalu

    Typical Lara. Way more talent than the other guy but not doing enough. These cubans just can't be abit more aggressive

  • Brandon Duete
    Brandon DueteHari Yang lalu

    Argentina la matanza como siempre

  • Mauro Escolar
    Mauro EscolarHari Yang lalu

    Castaño en todo momento proponiendo ante un rival que se dedicó a defenderse, esquivar y correr

  • Leo González
    Leo González2 hari yang lalu

    11:20 Name?

    ALFONSO DIAZ DIAZ2 hari yang lalu

    Castaño tiene el estiló de Canelo!

  • Ivo Dominguez
    Ivo Dominguez2 hari yang lalu

    Lara through the best punches ,he is a technical boxer ,who face him over the ring must be able to close his way and be faster than him , Lara won the fight .

  • Ivo Dominguez
    Ivo Dominguez2 hari yang lalu

    Los mejores golpes los dio Lara , el es un boxeador técnico y elusivo el atacante tiene que saber cerrarle el camino para ganarle.

  • Aleksander Melnikov
    Aleksander Melnikov3 hari yang lalu

    чарло его перебоксирует!!!

  • Ronnie Johnny
    Ronnie Johnny4 hari yang lalu

    lara the runnerman .. wkwkwk

    HERMINIO GERONIMO5 hari yang lalu

    Este cuate si le dio a Lara hasta para llevar.

    HERMINIO GERONIMO5 hari yang lalu

    Ese castaño es una maquina de tirar golpes.

  • Koby MC
    Koby MC6 hari yang lalu

    Que robo, era de castaño clarísima!!! Como se nota que pesa el favoritismo , no hagan qe el boxeo deje de ser boxeo .

  • Manuel Arias
    Manuel Arias6 hari yang lalu

    Castaño was in control of the fight. Lara put power in each launch but did not have evidence.

  • Braian agustin Flores Benitez
    Braian agustin Flores Benitez7 hari yang lalu

    Empate ? Lo cago a piñas

  • Leo González

    Leo González

    2 hari yang lalu

    WTF 😂😂

  • The Game Changer
    The Game Changer7 hari yang lalu


  • Miguel Ruiz
    Miguel Ruiz7 hari yang lalu

    Lara got USA FLAG AND PR not cuban

  • coronavirus 2020
    coronavirus 20208 hari yang lalu

    Mientras tanto munguia hullendole a estos peleadores

  • Tomás Rivas

    Tomás Rivas

    5 hari yang lalu

    @coronavirus 2020 no pues, si porque la verdad yo lo que he sabido que a la gente no le gusta su estilo de dique boxeo

  • coronavirus 2020

    coronavirus 2020

    5 hari yang lalu

    @Tomás Rivas a Lara le dan peleas para que los cubas no se sientan discriminados con eso de que andan de víctimas por la vida con ese complejo de inferioridad ante los mexicanos

  • Tomás Rivas

    Tomás Rivas

    5 hari yang lalu

    De castaño te la creo, pero pelar contra Erislandy Lara es muy mala decisión ,cae mal porque siempre dice lo mismo que le robaron la pelea si se la pasa corriendo ,abrazando rehuyendo al intercambio yo no sé cómo le dan grandes peleas si aburre su forma de pelear y de lo de Castaño Munguía ya es peso mediano necesita escalar castaño a la categoría

  • jerry Martinez
    jerry Martinez8 hari yang lalu

    iff only Lara would have been a bit smarter with his career, he would have hit & run less and engage more... possibly a super star with his skills. yet, ended up a boring af fighter/runner...

  • Jero BoldS
    Jero BoldS10 hari yang lalu


  • El Mass Loco22
    El Mass Loco2212 hari yang lalu

    Brian Castaño was Robbed and lara like always 1, 2 run 1, 2, 3 run

  • Mike
    Mike13 hari yang lalu

    Jermell is gonna hurt this guy.

  • Matías tomas Tomas
    Matías tomas Tomas13 hari yang lalu

    Lara eres cochino para pelear

  • Felix Alberto Cuba Hechavarria
    Felix Alberto Cuba Hechavarria13 hari yang lalu

    A Lara le Robaron la Pelea Contra Canelo que Es un paquete no es Boxeador tienen miedo Enfrentar Otra vez a Lara Porque El Propio Canelo Sabe que vuelve A perder contra Lara

  • MindKyesWorld
    MindKyesWorld16 hari yang lalu

    Lara just punch his opponent gloves , mercy draw to him.



    13 hari yang lalu

    @E&J brandy bias

  • E&J brandy

    E&J brandy

    14 hari yang lalu

    His opponents missed his punches Lara punches gloves atleast Lara is hitting something

  • CB400
    CB40017 hari yang lalu

    против тима шансов нет

  • M B.z
    M B.z18 hari yang lalu

    Lara la gallina correlona

  • Tapatio Phx
    Tapatio Phx22 hari yang lalu

    Boring as ever 😴😪😒 when was the last time lara actually ko anyone 🤔 think not since 2017 🤣 always crying about robberies

  • Elisario Figueroa
    Elisario Figueroa22 hari yang lalu

    Este negro pelea muy aburrido.

  • Rayist 1
    Rayist 122 hari yang lalu

    I had Castaño winning by like a round so a draw is fair.

  • Santiago Acevedo
    Santiago Acevedo22 hari yang lalu

    116-112 castaño, he was the agressor all fight, he punched to the body very cleanly and gave Lara a lot of problems. Lara was trying to stay away from him by putting his right arm on his forehead without it being a jab. Lara won his rounds clearly, but i just don’t see him beating Brian , tremendous fight. And also the punch stats are very wide, 863 thrown for brian and 195 landed, a succes rate of 23%, where as Lara has 825 thrown with 130 landed, a succes rate of 16%, so Brian threw more and connected more than him, while putting a lot of pressure and attacking well to the body. For me, Castaño won.

  • Andre Jefferson
    Andre Jefferson23 hari yang lalu

    Lara clearly won this one. The fight was a good one

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson25 hari yang lalu


  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson25 hari yang lalu


  • 48tilt
    48tilt26 hari yang lalu

    Castano to beat Tszyu

  • Dave Caculba
    Dave Caculba27 hari yang lalu

    lara vs mayweather would be interesting

  • Juanito Arceño
    Juanito Arceño28 hari yang lalu

    Mahina ang nasa corner ni castano,bperu panalo diyan si castano huag lsng ma ko

  • Juanito Arceño
    Juanito Arceño28 hari yang lalu

    Halata. Na may injury ksliwa niya hindi nakapagbitaw ng malakas,

  • Juanito Arceño
    Juanito Arceño28 hari yang lalu

    Hindi nakita ñi castano na masakit na kaliwamg kamay ni lara

  • Jude Gordon
    Jude GordonBulan Yang lalu

    116-112 Lara

  • Bfighter
    BfighterBulan Yang lalu

    Castaños beat Lara fair and square!! He bullied Lara from pillar to post!!! But we all know the Lara apologist will say Lara won 12-0, as usual!!! One thing we do know is that Lara refused the rematch with Castaños, multiple times, but Lara begged to fight Canelo again and again!!!!

  • Antho Reacts
    Antho ReactsBulan Yang lalu

    Lara isn’t busy enough. Castaño outworked and outlanded him for most of the fight. The few shots Lara threw landed mostly on the gloves. Castano won clearly.

  • Batverine
    BatverineBulan Yang lalu

    Lara lost to Canelo

  • Victor Guzman
    Victor GuzmanBulan Yang lalu

    Lara reminds me of Mayweather. Fast hands and feet. Taking advantage of opportunities, but never engaging. Quick to run and quicker even to unashamedly hug the opponent instead of fight him off. Very poor showing. He ran like a spooked deer against Canelo. Never liked this Lara guy. It’s incredible that the referee never warned Lara not to hug. What a sad spectacle. This was not a draw. The Argentinian boxer won clearly.

  • Deni Irawan
    Deni IrawanBulan Yang lalu

    Running lara and out ring

  • Fock Around
    Fock AroundBulan Yang lalu

    Lara is one of the most skilled fighters i've ever seen. Beautiful textbook boxing. A shame he's been robbed 3 times in his career. He took Canelo to school

  • Elizabeth bedoya gutierres
    Elizabeth bedoya gutierresBulan Yang lalu

    Castaño es muy bueno y es el futuro del box argentino pero le toco con un maestro cubano es muy dificil lara con tanta esperiencia hasta a canelo se le complico.

  • Tomás Rivas

    Tomás Rivas

    5 hari yang lalu

    Yo no le llamaría boxeador a Lara yo no sé cómo le dan grandes peleas contra grandes campeones como lo es castaño que es muy buen peleador siempre buscando conectar sus mejores combinaciones

  • rusdayati idrus
    rusdayati idrusBulan Yang lalu

    After all the back pedaling n running, Erisandy claims the victory. As Castano carries the fight throughout n keeps punching n landing, He deserves the win indeed.

  • Unbiased Perspective

    Unbiased Perspective

    13 hari yang lalu

    Boxing not fighting this ain’t rockem sockem robots

  • rusdayati idrus
    rusdayati idrusBulan Yang lalu

    Erisandy Lara is the most back pedaling fighter in t world.

  • G Estillore
    G EstilloreBulan Yang lalu

    Cadtano the stronger figther

  • G Estillore
    G EstilloreBulan Yang lalu

    Lara boaring boxer , he should be given small purse , castana showing good movement and showing exiting figth that love by expectators

  • Robert Allen
    Robert AllenBulan Yang lalu

    That was not a draw. Sure he punched Laras gloves but not Lara. It must have been a draw for effort. Ineffective effort.

  • Ramiro Martinez Jr.
    Ramiro Martinez Jr.Bulan Yang lalu

    lara no sirve para nada se las da de muy bueno nunca le ganara al canelo

  • Ricardo Hurley
    Ricardo HurleyBulan Yang lalu

    That’s not the Cuban flag 🇨🇺 on his side. It’s the Puerto Rican flag 🇵🇷

  • No ID
    No IDBulan Yang lalu

    Gabe Rosado son. 🤣

    TOPO LLILLOBulan Yang lalu

    Ala verga Los juezes mejor que la gente vote por texto El mejor ganara todas la decisiones se toman amañadas El dinero es El que decide quien se enfrenta a quien I quien gana o pierde

  • Carlos Soza
    Carlos SozaBulan Yang lalu

    Is hilarious when he fights he think he wins every fight.

  • Emma H
    Emma HBulan Yang lalu

    I don’t think Lara has ever been dealt a fair shake in a fight.

  • Victor Fernandez

    Victor Fernandez

    3 jam yang lalu

    Cuz he's boring 😴

  • Segin Brown

    Segin Brown

    20 hari yang lalu


  • wendi septiawan
    wendi septiawanBulan Yang lalu

    Is fake judges . I have vote he is white winer

  • Maximiliano Pintos
    Maximiliano PintosBulan Yang lalu

    Clara mente gano castaño fue el que más propuso la casi nada fue demasiado el empate para Lara

  • jacob castillo
    jacob castilloBulan Yang lalu

    Castaño absoute machine! He won on pressure and hurting Lara more.

  • S. Paul Guillory

    S. Paul Guillory

    6 hari yang lalu

    No.........Loved the pressure from Castana, but Lara gave the kid a boxing lesson on this night. Think Mayweather vs. Hatton.

  • jacob castillo
    jacob castilloBulan Yang lalu

    Castaño won he was the champion and he brought the fight to Lara and hurt him more when it was in inside fight. Who was the one going to the ropes? Exactly!

  • Pablo sandoval
    Pablo sandovalBulan Yang lalu


  • Rican Taino
    Rican TainoBulan Yang lalu

    That commentator doesn't know what he's talking about claiming Lara has a Cuban flag on the thigh when it is a Puerto Rican flag. It might have been a mistake since I think Lara is indeed Cuban or part Cuban. But I do know a Puerto Rican flag when I see one and that is not a Cuban flag like this commentator says at the start of this fight. The Cuban flag has blue stripes for those who don't already know.

  • Jay Jones
    Jay JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Lara won this fight. I intentionally skipped the intro just to see what they both would bring to the fight and even though Castano brought a fight he didnt dictate it. Hes the champion thats what he is supposed to do. Lara dictated the fight and boxed. Perfect example of taming the bull. Laras career was doomed walking into this fight because hes too good for fights to not shuffle enough, its almost like the boxing world has gotten tired of his fame.

    KAMEL IACC CBABulan Yang lalu

    desde cuando abrazar todo el tiempo y correr es de buen boxeador ?? lara es un cobarde ..

  • Sincere Henderson
    Sincere HendersonBulan Yang lalu

    This has to be hands down 1 of the greatest fights thus far!! Beautiful Lara just beautiful

  • p Smith
    p SmithBulan Yang lalu

    That decision was wrong. Lara lost that fight.

  • Jezreel Escobar

    Jezreel Escobar

    Bulan Yang lalu


  • Yagniel Garces carranza
    Yagniel Garces carranzaBulan Yang lalu

    Hasta cuando el robo en contra de lara



    Bulan Yang lalu

    Es cubano hermano no kieren que in cubano Este on top

  • Robert Whyte
    Robert WhyteBulan Yang lalu

    Lara won..and he beat Canelo.. they fuk him over because U.S. relationship with Cuba

  • Salvador Juarez
    Salvador JuarezBulan Yang lalu

    Lara eres supermañoso .tienes el síndrome del correcaminos ..para mí ganó el argentino

  • Sperci val
    Sperci valBulan Yang lalu

    I'm not angry with the draw, but Lara landed the cleaner shots; I wish he used his jab and straight left to the body more. Castano had plenty of aggression but most of his punches were either blocked or slipped; however, that earned him the draw, by putting Lara on defense in close.

  • The Joker25
    The Joker25Bulan Yang lalu

    Lara won in my opinion. But Castaño is a very good fighter

  • Naveed Mohammed
    Naveed MohammedBulan Yang lalu

    You tap read more and it leads you to the vid... dickhead geaza

  • Larry Lamonts
    Larry LamontsBulan Yang lalu

    even late in his career, Lara is a pretty boxer. ive always enjoyed watching him

  • Anthony Resendiz

    Anthony Resendiz

    8 hari yang lalu

    @d3ggi yea my friend..he was running like crazy...only with canelo was running like that...but canelo killed him with body shots...I don't know why this guy's doesn't like canelo...he's a beast right now.pound for pound

  • The D Hive

    The D Hive

    10 hari yang lalu

    @Andy Mccreight i’ve seen the full fight like 4 times. if you think lara won decisively then you’re either delusional or it’s you who didn’t watch it. the fight was close af.

  • Andy Mccreight

    Andy Mccreight

    10 hari yang lalu

    @The D Hive You clearly didn't watch the fight

  • The D Hive

    The D Hive

    10 hari yang lalu

    @Andy Mccreight nothing casual about what he said. a close round isn’t won by running away. it’s one thing to box (as in pure boxing), and it’s another to run around. you need to display ring generalship.

  • Andy Mccreight

    Andy Mccreight

    13 hari yang lalu

    @d3ggi Typical casual

  • Moorish Sway36
    Moorish Sway36Bulan Yang lalu

    51:20. Wow 😳

  • Toti Zabayle
    Toti ZabayleBulan Yang lalu

    Lara is always in a boring fight due to his style.

  • David Beleche
    David BelecheBulan Yang lalu

    Runnlara, mayaton

  • joystick casaa
    joystick casaaBulan Yang lalu

    Watching this fight, I remember Lara obviously being the more talented fighter, yet not doing enough to win the fight. A draw fair.

  • reinaldo diaz de zayas
    reinaldo diaz de zayasBulan Yang lalu

    A Lara le queda bien poco si el canelo coge ese muchacho lo noquea en el tercer asalto y a Lara lo noquea fácil hoy en día

  • Andrés peres Gonzales
    Andrés peres GonzalesBulan Yang lalu

    Que hace Lara con la bandera de Puerto Rico jaja

  • Nicolas Marino

    Nicolas Marino

    25 hari yang lalu

    Jaja se confundío de colores

  • doodoo mailbox
    doodoo mailboxBulan Yang lalu

    Lara was Waaaay too slick for that kid!!! Lara was just toying with him. Lara cruising at half speed embarrassed Castaño. A boxing lesson.

  • Unbiased Perspective
    Unbiased PerspectiveBulan Yang lalu

    Lara controlled the fight... landed more accurate power punches and kept him at bay with the jab, the pressure was ineffective but hey it was close but not draw close



    13 hari yang lalu

    Lara did controlled the fight by run away ?? 😂😂😂 Boxing fans hate lara style Fight like a man not a chick

  • Luigeezy


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Ummm no the other guy was the busier fighter and kept the pressure there is no way lara won

  • Kram Kalisthenics
    Kram KalisthenicsBulan Yang lalu

    Lara got robbed. Landed far more blows and the ones he landed were more affective. You'd think by the commentators that the "agrressive kid" could have knocked the old man out?

  • Christian T
    Christian TBulan Yang lalu

    I didn't know castano had a win over errol spence jr. Impressive

  • Christian T

    Christian T

    Bulan Yang lalu

    @gonzales gonzalez alright cool 😎 damn he's good then

  • gonzales gonzalez

    gonzales gonzalez

    Bulan Yang lalu

    He also beat Verevyanchenko video is on IDdown

  • Christian T

    Christian T

    Bulan Yang lalu

    @Armando Medina yes in the Amateurs.

  • Armando Medina

    Armando Medina

    Bulan Yang lalu


  • Farhan Degia
    Farhan DegiaBulan Yang lalu

    Is it just me or has lara realy gone under the radar.or i just don't follow boxing like i used to.

  • Ebrima Mboob

    Ebrima Mboob

    Bulan Yang lalu

    You’re right

  • Frank Urquia
    Frank UrquiaBulan Yang lalu


  • Anna mmm
    Anna mmmBulan Yang lalu

    The best

  • Pedro Aquino

    Pedro Aquino

    Bulan Yang lalu

    4porque al canelo noselepara asi sabia. Q lopodia nokear🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Eduardo Valdivieso
    Eduardo ValdiviesoBulan Yang lalu

    Castaño ganó!

  • A-bove A-ve-rage
    A-bove A-ve-rageBulan Yang lalu

    I think we can all agree this commentary is bias

    VISIONBulan Yang lalu

    This commentary is so bias 🤮

  • Nicolás Martino

    Nicolás Martino

    Bulan Yang lalu


  • Ronnie Phillips
    Ronnie PhillipsBulan Yang lalu

    Castano has a real gas tank on him. Action the whole time

  • Miguel sanches
    Miguel sanchesBulan Yang lalu

    Good fithing to me 50 50

  • Crazy Joe Davola
    Crazy Joe DavolaBulan Yang lalu

    Great fight. I think the judges got it right. Lara should’ve used his jab more



    13 hari yang lalu

    @Andy Mccreight no bro lara is boring The mecican landed more shots, i know lara was more effective but still landed less punches So by numbers he lost not gonna lie Just look at their faces Laras face pumped out more than the mexican

  • Jayson Murillo

    Jayson Murillo

    Bulan Yang lalu

    @Andy Mccreight Well Mayweather got gift decisions before so what are you rambling about

  • Andy Mccreight

    Andy Mccreight

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Couldn't disagree more. Aggression is great but when it's totally ineffective does it matter? Mayweather would have lost half his fights if he had these retarded judges

  • Dago
    DagoBulan Yang lalu

    All Lara does is hold after he gets hit😴

  • vossen Concave
    vossen ConcaveBulan Yang lalu

    Ok is lara from cuba or puerto rico!??

  • vossen Concave

    vossen Concave

    Bulan Yang lalu

    @BoxingDialogue there is history behind the reason they are similar but i noticed that off the bat as soon as i started watching the fight i knew he is cuban so why the rican flag lol i said maybe his wife is rican i dont know lol

  • BoxingDialogue


    Bulan Yang lalu

    @vossen Concave yeah they did, i actually never noticed how similar the flags are

  • vossen Concave

    vossen Concave

    Bulan Yang lalu

    @Rigo Cruz did they mess up on the colors of the flag?? On his trunks

  • Rigo Cruz

    Rigo Cruz

    Bulan Yang lalu


  • Sofonias Gonzalez
    Sofonias GonzalezBulan Yang lalu

    Esa escuela cubana nosirbe espuro correr Lara nosirbe para boxear iasi disen quees la escuela cabana peque dientrez mmmm