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Drama at the lot again today...
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  • MotoBroo
    MotoBroo2 bulan yang lalu

    End of the day.. a disagreement isn't worth fighting for.. Stay safe out there!

  • Marvin


    18 jam yang lalu

    You didn't like them blocking the road, that's why you went at them with a wheelie, stopping 10 feet before running into them...anyone with common sense knows you were the aggressor. Things could have turned out a lot worse for you and your bros. Stay safe out there.

  • James Boggs

    James Boggs

    2 hari yang lalu

    Bro I think those guys that were so pissed off with you I think they are talking the bs

  • Augie Arias

    Augie Arias

    6 hari yang lalu


  • Lee Knievel

    Lee Knievel

    7 hari yang lalu

    @OnlyBagz NoBillz We are all suuure you would "tough guy"

  • mycalisun1


    8 hari yang lalu

    Not at all! But throwing that can was assult! And would have got his ass fd up.....

  • Blaggamuffin
    Blaggamuffin21 menit yang lalu

    They are idiots

  • Josh Prater
    Josh Prater25 menit yang lalu

    The Mexican can go first

  • Josh Prater

    Josh Prater

    24 menit yang lalu

    Mexican dudes drinking the most

  • Josh Prater
    Josh Prater26 menit yang lalu


  • Josh Prater
    Josh Prater26 menit yang lalu

    Just fuckin whoop em come on

  • Josh Prater
    Josh Prater33 menit yang lalu

    Bruh just whoop one of em

  • Cole Brightwell
    Cole BrightwellJam Yang lalu

    When you drink natty light and think your the boss of the toothless sticks. There family tree is a pole.

  • jjmdavo
    jjmdavoJam Yang lalu

    dude you were in the wrong when riding around dont go so close to others specially where they are situated and chilling ..go around and even slow down it shows respect becuase at the end of the day there was plenty room for everyone and you didn't need to go on being a dick that they wouldn't let you pass Geez man just go around them

  • GW Res
    GW Res2 jam yang lalu

    White people beef 💪😥

  • The Same Same
    The Same Same2 jam yang lalu

    What is up with the constant revving?

  • billcharlene1450
    billcharlene14504 jam yang lalu

    First they are vets, then they are from prison. Liquid courage plus outnumber you. Bunch of pussies if you ask me.

  • Mike Sokolow
    Mike Sokolow4 jam yang lalu

    Made it to 64 and never been in a fight. Never had teeth to pick up, or jostled brain. Ain't got much of either to spare.

  • Mike Sokolow
    Mike Sokolow4 jam yang lalu

    Tats and beer bellies, I luv Murica.

  • Mike Sokolow
    Mike Sokolow4 jam yang lalu

    Yea, stopping to let your kids play in the road, Springer stuff, but if you know, and have all that dirt, and dirt bikes, c'mon.

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith5 jam yang lalu

    Military vets..aka killers going to hell

  • Rick Rhodes
    Rick Rhodes8 jam yang lalu

    The guys with the kids started the shot plain and simple!! All they had to say was we have kids!! What a bunch of assclowns!! They are acting all tuff and wanting to fight. People like that always mess up a good time for everyone!! Fight fight fight!! Until they fight someone who can fight!! Big tuff guy wants to fight the little kid on a bike - so tuff

  • someone somebody
    someone somebody8 jam yang lalu

    there were kids and cars, you could just drive around,you must like drama

  • DatBoiLow4
    DatBoiLow48 jam yang lalu

    They should've had those kids off that road somewhere in a tent if it's clearly a spot where off road vehicles are driven why are they out there drinking playing tough guys ?

  • Sausage Wallet
    Sausage Wallet9 jam yang lalu

    Dude on blue bike should fight or just shut up

  • Stockton Pig Watch 2
    Stockton Pig Watch 210 jam yang lalu

    Seems like they had a problem is black dudes having fun

  • Stockton Pig Watch 2
    Stockton Pig Watch 210 jam yang lalu

    Take those kids to a park

  • wormdamage
    wormdamage11 jam yang lalu

    Drama's all you bro. Tattoo guys aren't really acting all that effed up *for people who feel like you just threatened their children's lives*. Sometimes people start crap with you because they are LEGITIMATELY pissed and not because they're just dicks. They started out calm and cool. Sure, they totally should have parked somewhere else but really man, it didn't occur to you to slow WAY down before passing within 6 - 8 feet? Much less pulling wheelies? You couldn't just apologize to them and extend the obvious symbolic gesture of turning your dirt bike off into the dirt like they were asking you to? Stupid location or not, you blasted through their pits. That could have ended before it even started with "Hey really sorry bro - I didn't see your kids - won't happen again. And I'll tell my buddies to give some space also". Easy as cake and next time they'll pit somewhere else.

  • Brock Peck
    Brock Peck13 jam yang lalu

    Dude those guys suck!

  • Mystical Llama3500
    Mystical Llama350013 jam yang lalu

    “We’re military vets” ok and?? Do I give a fuck I don’t pull the I’m a veteran card whenever I get into arguments in public like if I’m going to get someone to bow down to me 😂😂😂

    WYLDBILL16 jam yang lalu

    They where a bunch of idiots from the jump

  • THe "OFFiCial" K.A.M... =P
    THe "OFFiCial" K.A.M... =P16 jam yang lalu

    If none of yall roostered them dudes with dirt...

  • Tj Costa
    Tj Costa16 jam yang lalu

    Keep your hammer on u 24-7.

  • J G
    J G18 jam yang lalu

    Come back with your boys and give them the fight they obviously want.

  • Michael DonGotti Locklear
    Michael DonGotti Locklear18 jam yang lalu

    U should pulled out a 9 then popped one of them. That could've been a bomb.for all uk

  • Hogan
    Hogan20 jam yang lalu

    This is some extra legal KKK BS

  • Corey Clerkin
    Corey Clerkin22 jam yang lalu

    Male Karen’s on the chump squad. Fat middle aged dudes with nothing better to do than ruin someone’s else’s day.

  • James Bauer
    James Bauer22 jam yang lalu

    If that were me just to ignorant I would wheele past them because they were being assholes

  • Dj F
    Dj F23 jam yang lalu

    I woulda kicked rocks at them and their stupid ass kids haha if h worried about ur kids getting hurt them don't let them play NEXT TO THE DAMN ROAD! I fuckin learned that when I was 10 n these grown ass baby men don't know it. Natural selection my friends

  • Matt Solt
    Matt SoltHari Yang lalu

    Should’ve kicked their ass

  • Den M
    Den MHari Yang lalu

    I get both sides but if your saying these guys are being idiots then the same goes for you. In the video you are continuing the disagreement. Ride on the other side and quit going back for more drama. Your just as ignorant as the other people.

  • David M
    David MHari Yang lalu

    If you dont want your kid to get hitvdont stand in the road

  • Colan Porter
    Colan PorterHari Yang lalu

    They should've had to show me though. Line that shit up

    COLDSUNHari Yang lalu

    That guy with the beer should of got knocked out. He seems to be the pussy in that group. I bet if you catch him 1 on 1 he would back down

  • Owen Rook
    Owen RookHari Yang lalu

    “half the people over there have been in prison” Well that explains the way they are acting.

  • Matthew Cullen
    Matthew CullenHari Yang lalu

    If it's somebody's street I can understand why the locals are pissed off.

  • trailerpark cryptoking
    trailerpark cryptokingHari Yang lalu

    Beer, testosterone and low IQ is a bad combination!!! But hey, everyone needs a break from the trailerpark!!!

  • Cameron Rydman
    Cameron RydmanHari Yang lalu

    If your trying to de-escalate the situation, don’t ask to walk your bike through. Just go around. It’s literally a 15 foot difference and faster and easier tbh. If he would have just said “ah shit ok” it would have been fine. Don’t think just because you did what someone said means you lost.

  • T Man
    T ManHari Yang lalu

    Man, people be bugging. No lie, it’s kind of stupid they had their kids playing on the road between two trucks??? You did good man. Real good.

  • King Coopu
    King CoopuHari Yang lalu

    Ok, so u had grey beard, drunk hobo, and Mr. no brows all on one guy SMH. Edit: If u would have gotten into a fight with them they would have jumped u.

  • Randy Whitehead
    Randy WhiteheadHari Yang lalu

    The guy on the bike you did go get others involved,that's pussy! PO'ME COLORBLIND

  • pancho villa
    pancho villaHari Yang lalu

    A playground is a playground!

  • Matt Beaudet
    Matt BeaudetHari Yang lalu

    Not a single IQ score above 50 at that place 😂 “yeah I got my kids playing on the road while I sit here and drink beers why don’t you watch out” 😂😂😂😂 “were military vets” aka hot headed LOSERS 😂😂😂

  • Randy Whitehead
    Randy WhiteheadHari Yang lalu

    Me personally I would have simply ran over them!!!!!! PO'ME COLORBLIND

  • Vin S
    Vin SHari Yang lalu

    “I’ve almost been in gun fights out here” And today you’ve brought your KIDS!

  • CravenSmoke
    CravenSmokeHari Yang lalu

    Those guys are like little school girls

  • Eddie Benoit
    Eddie BenoitHari Yang lalu

    I wish I was with yall

  • Scott Seaver
    Scott SeaverHari Yang lalu

    Trying to act like they hard

  • Scott Seaver
    Scott SeaverHari Yang lalu

    I get you got kids but you don’t own that dirt

  • Steven Toth
    Steven TothHari Yang lalu

    I would have ran them over. Duck them people

  • Andy
    AndyHari Yang lalu

    The guy white top black shorts and hat , what a bloody lunatic, obviously under some sort of substance

  • Andy
    AndyHari Yang lalu

    My gosh

  • Xavier Xavier
    Xavier XavierHari Yang lalu

    ❗ Here in the bay, you'll get done up bad behaving like these beer belly punks and in front of your kids They think they Rambos like they can't bleed smh 🤦🏽‍♂️..... Only in USA 🇺🇸

  • Stephen Seuberth
    Stephen SeuberthHari Yang lalu

    Those dudes look absolutely pathetic. They are so out of shape they would be gassed in 30 sec and then take a pounding from someone who knows how to fight

  • bill rovid
    bill rovidHari Yang lalu

    If you was endangering my kids I’d prolly act the same way.. I think he really showed a lot of restraint.. Your playing the victim but your creating the problem by being reckless with others peoples life. Be respectful.

  • rickystapleton
    rickystapletonHari Yang lalu

    Why do people always throw out the “I’m a military vet” to make them sound like they are some type of badass? It’s so stupid to me.

  • Tray Live
    Tray LiveHari Yang lalu

    Quite simple really... don't take kids to the track if they're gonna be running in (THE ROAD). The place where bikes will be. Find a nice place away from the road and a safe distance instead of blocking people and acting tough. Bunch of beer swilling punks. See them one on and one without 5 guys standing behind them and they don't say ish.

  • B S
    B SHari Yang lalu

    Fight what’s with all the talking

  • leslie boone
    leslie boone2 hari yang lalu

    Not sure how u handled that but as soon as he threw that beer we throwing hands

  • Jesus is my Lord and Savior
    Jesus is my Lord and Savior2 hari yang lalu

    Please forgive them because they were born to have hatred on their hearts.

  • Vin Voltron
    Vin Voltron2 hari yang lalu

    This guy's a Veteran, that guy's been to prison...... if you would of hung out a little longer I'm sure an astronaut and a wizard would have shown up also.

  • Charlie Anaya
    Charlie Anaya2 hari yang lalu

    The guy with the beard explains it perfectly. They could ride in the feild. You shouldn't be wheeling through the pits. You guys are wrong. Have some respect. Those kids should be protected...

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy2 hari yang lalu

    Beer and kids. Leave them at home. Lol

  • Clark Templeman
    Clark Templeman2 hari yang lalu

    You are wrong dude

  • Harvey Hudspeth
    Harvey Hudspeth2 hari yang lalu

    Is this northport ? Looks like the spot I use to ride in Florida

  • Brian Arango
    Brian Arango2 hari yang lalu

    Can’t reason with dumb people

  • Marvin Sallie
    Marvin Sallie2 hari yang lalu

    Yea this how people get killed.. who’s idea was it to park on the trails that the bikes and quads are coming down all day and have their kids play in the dirt

  • Alex C
    Alex C2 hari yang lalu

    No reason to do wheelings and braking the law...

  • Jeff Lancaster
    Jeff Lancaster2 hari yang lalu

    Yamaha dude you are not the most smartest

  • Ausar Mizrahi
    Ausar Mizrahi2 hari yang lalu

    This is dumb....there in a common area to ride bikes.....move your kids out the area....I don’t think you want to square up, Your not gonna win....everyone has guns so now we want dead people? Pretty lame dude. You would have a fight on your hands buddy....crack his jaw Bro. He can’t fight. He’s drunk🖕🏽

  • El Vecino
    El Vecino2 hari yang lalu

    These veterans should be ashamed of themselves throwing the veteran status like if it were nothing you peace’s of shit a real veteran would never dishonor that status like for no reason at all always maintaine his composer

  • What
    What2 hari yang lalu

    those are just a bunch of guys that pick on other people because they haven’t been put in their place

  • wayne newcombe
    wayne newcombe2 hari yang lalu

    You on the blue two stroke..kids were about,you didn't see or hear them.The guy was just letting you know of possible danger!

  • DualDesertEagle
    DualDesertEagle2 hari yang lalu

    I feel like an open carry gun on ur hip would've kept them all quiet...

  • Hitlistforthetube
    Hitlistforthetube2 hari yang lalu

    Why aint they say nothing to any of the other guys tho

  • Bloomer b
    Bloomer b2 hari yang lalu

    The people with the kids had the attitude, they went about it wrong. Definitely instigating. You meet people like that just stay away from them.

  • Channy Mak
    Channy Mak2 hari yang lalu

    I would've got off the bike and beat his ass

  • Thisthe Spies
    Thisthe Spies3 hari yang lalu

    He said we're veterans.. we been to prison.. Said almost got in gunfight out here before.. lmao group of guys tuff to one person

  • Jose Cuevas
    Jose Cuevas3 hari yang lalu

    So that’s how they afford nice things , drink cheap beer!

  • Nicolas Roman
    Nicolas Roman3 hari yang lalu

    The alcohol made that guy curageous...hes overweight, out of ahape acting bad, the tattoos dont add tough points...wtf are these backwood idiots letting kids play by a ROAD!

  • daniel english
    daniel english3 hari yang lalu

    That dude wouldnt of talked to me like that. I would have got off that bike as soon as he said that bs lol

  • Mark G Willett
    Mark G Willett3 hari yang lalu

    The tosspot on the blue bike, obviously seen them all to one side while zipping about, took it apon himself to go zipping up their and cause the no need tensions... ( Tosspot, bluebike) You was shown children playing, You then said sorry i understand, but you still wasnt satisfied and had to push it into a conflict ....NO parent would want young wankers zipping past there kids ! Then to go to his other tosspots and made his inaccurate account of what just happened, They asked you to go around, Because of the children ?? You took it on your self to be a wanker on your own accord.. Spoilt kids yet again. !!

  • Kenneth Wilburn
    Kenneth Wilburn3 hari yang lalu

    You were lucky that one of them didn't jerk off the bike...you Don't have a very testosterone voice 🙄

  • Perry J Winship Jr
    Perry J Winship Jr3 hari yang lalu

    Younger generation has no clue

  • DistantSolid11
    DistantSolid113 hari yang lalu

    Buddy great job on handling urself and trying to come to an understanding 😂 these drunk ppl r trash at being in the Army If they get out of place for the littlest thing

  • Kilibs Aluvdem
    Kilibs Aluvdem3 hari yang lalu

    You was in the wrong bruh, you could of went around then continued on. Shouldn't be riding fast near people bruh...

  • davegreenbitch
    davegreenbitch3 hari yang lalu

    Like fuck it we can throw hands as I step off a motorcycle in a helmet and mx boots boss 😄

  • davegreenbitch
    davegreenbitch3 hari yang lalu

    Did dude toss a beer can at u 😄 sorry that's when ill escalate and throw a motorcycle back at an idiot in third gear fuck that

  • david cuevas
    david cuevas3 hari yang lalu

    You don’t argue with stupid people you just say you’re right and let them crush a couple more Busch lights

  • 7Cent
    7Cent3 hari yang lalu

    I mean they are the dumbasses for bringing there toddlers there in the first place

  • carsiotto
    carsiotto3 hari yang lalu

    They’re right.

    BIKE LIFE MATTERS3 hari yang lalu

    This video is so Florida ... cringe

  • Clinton Baltazor
    Clinton Baltazor3 hari yang lalu

    You instigated a confrontation, you bitched out, then went and cried wolf to your friends. What did you think was going to happen... You need to watch your mouth, that being said your lucky these Fathers were calm.

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore3 hari yang lalu

    This whole situation was dumb those guys found reason after reason and unfortunately thats life sometimes you handled it better than I would have

  • Shemar Collier
    Shemar Collier3 hari yang lalu

    Prison veterans 😂 that’s would be a crazy fight seen both war zone the raq and shiraq but can I say they could of parked somewhere else

  • James mcdougall The third
    James mcdougall The third3 hari yang lalu

    Dishonorable veterans