D.O. 디오 '괜찮아도 괜찮아 (That's okay)' Live Clip


🎬괜찮아도 괜찮아 (That's okay) MV: iddown.info/the/nmfFgcWD18u2gt0/video.html
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  • Lilis Es T
    Lilis Es T23 menit yang lalu

    i miss u so bad😭

  • fndthmagic
    fndthmagic26 menit yang lalu

    Şarkı aşırı rahatlatiyor

  • Mirian Santos
    Mirian Santos31 menit yang lalu

    a letra é perfeita a gente tem sorte de ter uma voz dessa no mundo ! Você é incrível kyungsoo

  • Mirian Santos
    Mirian Santos33 menit yang lalu

    i love the way that you sing ❤️ you bring me peace

  • Mirian Santos
    Mirian Santos33 menit yang lalu


  • chocomint ddu
    chocomint ddu33 menit yang lalu

    his voice omg !

  • chocomint ddu
    chocomint ddu34 menit yang lalu

  • Miaka
    MiakaJam Yang lalu

    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ○ ♡♡♡ ○

  • novita sari
    novita sariJam Yang lalu

    Kangen exo🥲

  • Mahdis Azizi
    Mahdis AziziJam Yang lalu

    I love your voice and l love your smile......

  • Park Soo
    Park Soo2 jam yang lalu

    It's 4.38 am in morning... And here I'm sobbing over his voice... Bangladeshi EXOL...

  • Park Soo
    Park Soo2 jam yang lalu

    Can't wait for your Solo...

  • Park Soo
    Park Soo2 jam yang lalu

    I love You Doh Kyungsoo...

  • My Penguin D.O Kyungsoo
    My Penguin D.O Kyungsoo3 jam yang lalu

    The sun will rise no matter what and you have no choice but to face it and keep going

  • مهووسة هيونسوك
    مهووسة هيونسوك3 jam yang lalu

    We are one exo

  • مهووسة هيونسوك
    مهووسة هيونسوك3 jam yang lalu

    انا نايمه هنا محدش يصحيني

  • çileklipuf eti
    çileklipuf eti3 jam yang lalu


  • ʜᴇᴄ
    ʜᴇᴄ3 jam yang lalu

  • AK채널
    AK채널4 jam yang lalu

    Wwoww,this is amazing

  • Ana Galaksi
    Ana Galaksi5 jam yang lalu

    Cute my husband-! Aigoo

  • Deia R.
    Deia R.6 jam yang lalu

    i love him

  • Jeanalyn parpan
    Jeanalyn parpan6 jam yang lalu


  • Deia R.
    Deia R.7 jam yang lalu

    HAPPY 4.5M !!!

  • Jomar Zabat
    Jomar Zabat7 jam yang lalu

    AB6IX Daewhi singing it in his V-live...

  • Amani
    Amani7 jam yang lalu

    We Are one EXO

  • flatt tt
    flatt tt8 jam yang lalu


  • flatt tt
    flatt tt8 jam yang lalu


  • NCT 2020
    NCT 20208 jam yang lalu

    although i really into ur junior but i cant deny u guys are still my forever favourite. im waiting for ur projects or solo kyungsoo :D I LOVE YOU AND PLS BE HEALTHY ALWAYS!

  • Bernah Joy Bito
    Bernah Joy Bito9 jam yang lalu


  • Jess
    Jess10 jam yang lalu


  • albi Gd24
    albi Gd2410 jam yang lalu

    Wow beautiful special unique voice i love from México ♡♡♡

  • Diana Kiss
    Diana Kiss11 jam yang lalu


  • Riri Kim
    Riri Kim11 jam yang lalu

    A friend of mine says that his voice seems to sound like it has auto-tune, is that supposed to be a compliment or something else?

  • Visual Addicted
    Visual Addicted11 jam yang lalu

    Everytime i hear this song i think i wanna cry but healing at the same time

  • 세레 인압둘 다젬
    세레 인압둘 다젬11 jam yang lalu

    정말 사랑해 내 이름은 시린 🥰🥰

  • sholihatun Masfufah liha
    sholihatun Masfufah liha11 jam yang lalu

    Love u

  • Saw Kalayar Phyoe
    Saw Kalayar Phyoe12 jam yang lalu

    l miss you Kyungsoo yah In my country (Myanmar), military junta detained our leaders since feb 1 and so I'm not okay Kyungsoo yah. I wanna support your first solo and movies in this year. Pls save Myanmar rapidly.

  • Real nrl
    Real nrl12 jam yang lalu

    Kyungsoo fighting!! I always waiting your new music :)

  • RX Haiiyako
    RX Haiiyako12 jam yang lalu

    This song makes me feel a bitter sweet feeling and i absolutely love it. I miss his heavenly voice so much

  • lula beauty
    lula beauty12 jam yang lalu


  • Dks Doh
    Dks Doh12 jam yang lalu

    I'm here again

  • Riri Kim
    Riri Kim13 jam yang lalu

    His voice is angelic. EXO will always be lucky to have him in their group. I mean all of them are lucky to be in that group. But their misfortune is being in SM, an entertainment that doesn't properly treat and promote their own artists.

  • lula beauty

    lula beauty

    12 jam yang lalu


  • kyungsoo do
    kyungsoo do13 jam yang lalu

    can't get enough in this song :)

  • ana ana
    ana ana13 jam yang lalu


  • ana ana
    ana ana13 jam yang lalu


  • pcy bbh
    pcy bbh14 jam yang lalu


  • MW K
    MW K14 jam yang lalu

    D.O.'s voice is so good he is the best member of exo

  • My Penguin D.O Kyungsoo
    My Penguin D.O Kyungsoo14 jam yang lalu

    Leaving hearts here❤️

  • Marvin Kolaka
    Marvin Kolaka14 jam yang lalu

    Do 😇😍

  • Saa Naa
    Saa Naa15 jam yang lalu

    I can't imagine what it would be like if Kyungsoo collab with Zayn Malik or Bruno Mars

  • Diah putri
    Diah putri15 jam yang lalu

    Miss you

  • jade er-
    jade er-15 jam yang lalu

    Love D.O. also love do,kyungsoo❤️

  • Nurul Aida
    Nurul Aida16 jam yang lalu

    Pls comeback again exo we miss you ‘)

  • My Penguin D.O Kyungsoo
    My Penguin D.O Kyungsoo17 jam yang lalu

    I wonder how people can do bad things just to get money , fame or everything that they want

  • andrian setyanto
    andrian setyanto17 jam yang lalu

    gosh , my do has comeback , miss ur angelic voice bb

  • Shailen Riz
    Shailen Riz17 jam yang lalu

    His voice actually has a great healing power❤

  • arss 12
    arss 1217 jam yang lalu

    Kyungsoo yaa miss u😔

  • persian pearl
    persian pearl18 jam yang lalu

    this song and his voice is very soothing

  • Park Chanyeolfill
    Park Chanyeolfill18 jam yang lalu

    Arghhhhh D.O. love you!!!

  • jeon chelle
    jeon chelle18 jam yang lalu

    you are amazinggg !!! Ilyy

  • rose gabriel
    rose gabriel19 jam yang lalu

    Question? Shouldn't they include in the profile of the song that D.O. wrote the lyrics?

  • D Chae San
    D Chae San20 jam yang lalu

    It has been nearly two years long, many idols still recommend,mention and cover it. The most popular and the best station song ever.

  • D Chae San
    D Chae San20 jam yang lalu

    Although this song has popular ,it become more popular after his enlistment .

  • Naomi Archives
    Naomi Archives20 jam yang lalu

    i love you 😭😭😭😭😭

  • tania safira salsa bila
    tania safira salsa bila20 jam yang lalu

    Love you

  • exo exo
    exo exo20 jam yang lalu


  • anisa rahma
    anisa rahma20 jam yang lalu

    I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you

  • Do KyungSoo
    Do KyungSoo20 jam yang lalu

    I need you😥

  • Pertiwi Citra Dewi
    Pertiwi Citra Dewi21 jam yang lalu

    DKS1 when????

  • Achong Ronaldo
    Achong Ronaldo21 jam yang lalu

    D.O 😭😭

  • Akira TOMOE
    Akira TOMOE21 jam yang lalu

    Gracias por consolarme con tu voz, esperamos con ansias tus nuevos proyectos.

  • Yulia Nisa
    Yulia Nisa21 jam yang lalu

    I like

  • 박지현
    박지현21 jam yang lalu

    아무리 들어봐도 씨디랑 개똑같은데 라이브라니... 라이브라니... 정말 믿을 수 없어 ㅠㅠ

  • ksoo furry pelvis hoarder
    ksoo furry pelvis hoarder21 jam yang lalu


  • Kim jamela
    Kim jamela21 jam yang lalu

    I miss you😭

  • Bon Anderson
    Bon Anderson22 jam yang lalu

    I have already commented, but I'm commenting again because I have this beautiful song (lyrics and composition, both) on repeat. I love this-- independent of all Korean bands and group members and other music I also appreciate- I LOVE this song. Thank you, D.O.

  • cindi indriani
    cindi indriani22 jam yang lalu

    Miss EXO, please comeback!!!

  • nette de chavez
    nette de chavez22 jam yang lalu

    we miss u..

  • Hajar Ijha
    Hajar Ijha22 jam yang lalu


  • My Penguin D.O Kyungsoo
    My Penguin D.O Kyungsoo22 jam yang lalu

    Ignore all the people that's giving you a hard time everyday

  • Peach Jae
    Peach Jae22 jam yang lalu

    I wish SM will normalise putting eng sub in EXO’s videos chaeballlllllll

  • takayama minako
    takayama minako23 jam yang lalu

    아 목소리....ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Armina Homayoun
    Armina Homayoun23 jam yang lalu

    So bessssttttt

  • Toon Toonny
    Toon Toonny23 jam yang lalu


  • exol ph
    exol phHari Yang lalu

    This song makes me shed tears every time I listen to it. Being an EXOL saved me from anxiety and overthinking. Most of the time I pity myself because I don't have friends. There are times that I compare myself to others who have many people by their side. But because of EXO, I somehow overcome it. They became my resting place whenever I feel tired. Their video cheers me up whenever I feel down. They became the reason of my smile and why I'm not giving up. They became my strength. Even though I don't have anyone on my side, I believe that EXO is there for me. It may not be physically, but their existence already means a lot for me. I hope we can be friends, EXOLs.... We are one, EXO Saranghaja!

  • exol ph

    exol ph

    22 jam yang lalu

    @cosmic latte that's why i love this fandom, I found a new family

  • cosmic latte

    cosmic latte

    22 jam yang lalu

    same with me. Now we have so many friends, exo and exo-ls! :)

  • camila carrasco
    camila carrascoHari Yang lalu

    Te extraño 😩😩😩

  • Mala Sari
    Mala SariHari Yang lalu

    Oppa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 저요저요
    저요저요Hari Yang lalu


  • Charlene Vizcarra
    Charlene VizcarraHari Yang lalu

    Can't wait to see him and xiumin for their 10th anniversary album😭

  • Maura. Z
    Maura. ZHari Yang lalu


  • Baek Tosh
    Baek ToshHari Yang lalu


  • Baek Tosh
    Baek ToshHari Yang lalu


  • Baek Tosh
    Baek ToshHari Yang lalu


  • Baek Tosh
    Baek ToshHari Yang lalu

    مييييييس يوو😢💛

  • Baek Tosh
    Baek ToshHari Yang lalu


  • Baek Tosh
    Baek ToshHari Yang lalu


  • ستريم سولو كاي
    ستريم سولو كايHari Yang lalu


  • اكسو EXO
    اكسو EXOHari Yang lalu

    دي او

  • Besho ko
    Besho koHari Yang lalu

    OMG I 'm crying 😭💜.

  • Ivhan Concepcion
    Ivhan ConcepcionHari Yang lalu